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 [ANIME] Groizer X [1976]

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PostSubject: [ANIME] Groizer X [1976]   2/18/2012, 11:43 am

Title: Groizer X (グロイザーX)
Type: TV series
Broadcast period: 1976-07-01 ~ 1977-03-31
Broadcast time: Thursday, 19:30-20:00
Number of episodes: 36
Running time: 30 minutes
Channel: Tokyo 12 Channel (now TV Tokyo)
Genre: Action, robot
Production: Knack
Supervisor: Go Nagai
Original: Gosaku Ota
Series organisation: Toyohiro Ando
Chief director: Hiroshi Jinsenji
Producer: Kiyoshi Nishino, Shoji Nakano, Hakuo Kondo
Planning: Dynamic Planning, Takashi Nagai, Tadaki Kikuchi
Character design: Takao Suzuki
Art: Ichiro Nakano
Animation director: Takao Suzuki
Edition: Junko Yonaiyama
Music: Kuni Kawauchi
Songs: Ko Ikeda
Lyrics: Go Nagai (Opening), Hiroshi Koenji (Ending)
Musical themes: "Tobe! Groizer X" (Opening), "Go Go Groizer X" (Ending)
Voice actors: Toru Furuya (Jo Kaisaka), Kimiko Nozaki (Rita), Hisashi Katsuta (Dr. Hideki Tobijima), Ikuya Sawaki (Ippei), Naoki Tatsuta (Baku-san), Kazuko Sawada (Sabu), Michiro Okada (Chief Yoshida / Daikichi Shimura / Admiral Dagger), Yuko Takami (Midori Shimura), Kiyoshi Kasai (Gen), Hideki Yabuchi (Emperor Grudon), Shingo Hiromori (Admiral Dogos), Nozomu Yamashita (Science chief Goren), Masaru Ikeda (Dr. Jan)

Other names: Gloizer X, Gloyzer X, Maxinger X contra los Monstruos (es), El justiciero (Amérique latine), O Pirata do Espaço (br), 無敵太空船 (tw)


2005-03-24; Groizer X Box Set 1, 5 discs, Only Hearts, OHK-17,

2005-07-27; Groizer X Box Set 2, 4 discs, Only Hearts, OHK-18,

The last super robot of the 70s by Nagai. You'll notice that it's not produced by Toei while Nagai is only credited as supervisor. It's said that the original work was done by him. This show wasn't as popular as other Nagai series but it had its fanatics. The anime has received some success in Italy and particularly Brazil. The show also aired in Taiwan. This series has lot of sad and dramatic moments, but the saddest part about it is that it was produced by none other than Knack, who was pretty much one of the worst, if not the worst anime studio that existed in the 70s. (Also responsible for Chargeman Ken, Govarian etc)

Links:グロイザーX About how in reality the original work is of Go Nagai


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[ANIME] Groizer X [1976]
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