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 [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]

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PostSubject: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   2/18/2012, 3:35 am

Title: Getter Robot Go (ゲッターロボ號)
Type: TV Series
Broadcast period: 1991-02-11 ~ 1992-01-27
Broadcast time: Monday, 18:30-19:00 hrs.
Episodes: 50
Running time: 30 minutes
Network: TV Setouchi / TV Tokyo
Production: TV Setouchi, Toei Doga, BigWest
Genre: Action, robot, hero
Original work: Go Nagai, Ken Ishikawa
Planning: Yoshimasa Onishi (BigWest), Kenji Yokoyama (Toei Doga)
Planning cooperation: Dynamic Planning
Chief animation director: Joji Oshima
Director: Hiroki Shibata
Producer: Chiyo Okazaki (TV Setouchi), Tatsuya Yoshida (Toei Doga)
Scenario: Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, Yukiyoshi Ohashi, Junki Takegami, Shouji Tonoike, Katsuhiko Chiba
Episode directors: Hiroki Shibata, Toru Yamada, Yoshikata Nitta, Masayuki Akehi, Takao Yoshizawa, Takenori Kawada
Animation supervision: Joji Oshima, Yuji Hakamada, Takahiro Kagami, Keiichi Sato, Joji Kikuchi, Seiya Nakahira, Takashi Nashizawa, Satoru Minowa, Masahiko Okura
Art: Shinzo Ko, Kayoko Koitabashi, Masazumi Matsumiya, Ryu Tomamura
Music: Michiaki Watanabe
Cast: Takeshi Kusao (Go Ichimonji 一文字號), Yuko Kobayashi (Sho Tachibana 橘翔), Akira Kamiya (Gai Daido 大道剴), Ichiro Nagai (Professor Tachibana 橘博士, Count Rasetsu (male)), Junichi Kanemaru (Yuji Muto 武藤由自), Masaharu Sato (Dr. Pochi Dr.ポチ), Isamu Tanonaka (Dr. Tama Dr.タマ), Eriko Hara (Lee Foa May リー・フォア・メイ), Daisuke Gori (Professor Randow プロフェッサー・ランドウ), Michihiro Ikemizu (Baron Yasha ヤシャ男爵), Michiko Abe (Count Rasetsu (female) ラセツ伯爵), Miyako Endo (Remi Yoshii 吉井レミ), Ryo Horikawa (Viscount Narukisu ナルキス子爵)
Theme songs:

1. 21 Seiki Shonen (21世紀少年 (21st century boy) - lyrics by Bun Onoe, composition by Daiji Okai, arrangement by Hiroshi Toyama and Daiji Okai, interpreted by Hiroyuki Takami - Eps. 1-14

2. Getter Robot Go (ゲッターロボ號) - lyrics by Chinfa Kan, composition and arrangement by Michiaki Watanabe, interpreted by Ichiro Mizuki, choir by Mori no Kijido Gasshodan (森の木児童合唱団) - Eps. 15-50

1. Grievous Rain - lyrics by Bun Onoe, composition by Daiji Okai, arrangement by Hiroshi Toyama, interpreted by Hiroyuki Takami - Eps. 1-14

2. Tomodachi ni Naritai (友だちになりたい) - lyrics by Chinfa Kan, composition and arrangement by Michiaki Watanabe, interpreted by Ichiro Mizuki - Eps. 15-50
-Insert songs-
·Akage no Senshi (赤毛の戦士)
·Aku no Hana (悪の華)
·Dear Friends
·Futsukatte Koi (ぶつかってこい)
·Koibito to Yobitai (恋人と呼びたい)
·Wannyan Dr. (ワンニャンDR.)


2006-04-21; Getter Robot Go Vol.1, 2 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-7211, EAN: 4988101124411

2006-05-21; Getter Robot Go Vol.2, 2 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-7212, EAN: 4988101124763

2006-06-21; Getter Robot Go Vol.3, 2 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-7213, EAN: 4988101125104

2006-07-21; Getter Robot Go Vol.4, 2 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-7214, EAN: 4988101125609

2006-08-04; Getter Robot Go Vol.5, 2 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-7215, EAN: 4988101125838


2015-03-13; Getter Robot Go DVD-Collection Vol. 1, 5 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-3791, EAN: 4988101182503

2015-04-08; Getter Robot Go DVD-Collection Vol. 2, 5 discs, Toei Video, DSTD-3792, EAN: 4988101182510


1991-03-05; Grievous Rain (GRIEVOUS RAIN), 8 cm single, Bandai, BCDA-9, EAN: 4988015037166

1991-05-21; Getter Robot Go (ゲッターロボ號), 8 cm single, Columbia, CODC-8760, EAN: 4988001097679

1991-07-01; Getter Robot Go Ongakushu (ゲッターロボ號・音楽集), Album, Columbia, COCC-7702, EAN: 4988001111078

1991-08-21; Saturation Flower, Album, Bandai, BCCA-10, EAN: 4988015038194

1991-10-01; Getter Robot Go Hit Kyokushu (ゲッターロボ號 ヒット曲集), Album, Columbia, COCC-9122, EAN: 4988001152972

2004-09-22; Animex 1200 series 73: Getter Robot Go Ongakushu (Limited Edition) (ANIMEX 1200シリーズ 73 ゲッターロボゴウ 音楽集 [Limited Edition]), Album, Columbia, COCC-72073, EAN: 4988001973843


I've seen that this series is regularly insulted by fans of the manga, regularly pointing out that it's a terrible adaptation and that it was badly received. This is a terribly false Western idea. Getter Robot Go was succesful enough to have 50 episodes. The series generated several toy figures and CDs, without counting that the theme songs are also republished in several collections. And the series was released in home video without issues, something that a badly received series normally doesn't have. The problem is that a lot of people in the Western world think that this was meant to be a manga adaptation, which is not correcct. The anime is really a remake and it's the same thing as with God Mazinger: a different product based on the same concept, both focused on different market segments. The manga and the anime have different characters. The anime was never supposed to be be an adaptation or to be closely tied to the manga, at least not to the version published in the Shonen Magazine, the one that most people think is the original manga, which is truly incorrect, because it's the same case as with Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and the majority of other super robot series created by Nagai, and also because the very first Getter Robot Go manga was published in the children's magazine TV-kun and drawn by Tatsuo Yasuda. And really, the manga was focused on a size-wise smaller market than the market for the anime.

I think it's quite unfair to say that the anime wasn't well received because the facts do not support this position. This negative vision, however, will be the perception that you will get after reading most articles in English and even some in other languages, going so far as to say that the manga follows the continuity of the original TV series, which, again, is not true. The manga follows the continuity of the manga, it's just that the originals Getter Robot and Getter Robot G manga are similar to the TV series to be easily confused.

I'm under the impression that many people believe this because the Super Robot Taisen video games chose to follow the manga instead of the anime, which is a logical decision since the anime does not follow the continuity of the previous anime and it would be difficult to explain the differences in the game with the other Getter. It really irritates me when people start sying that the anime is a total perversion of the manga because this simply is not true. The anime and manga were always meant to be different and the anime was not a failure, like many say. It's just that most fans of the original series prefer the manga because it's a sequel instead of a remake.

In any case, about the series, some may have noticed that it was the anime with which Toei and Nagai began to work together again. In fact, the series originally was supposed to be a remake of Mazinger Z. You will probably notice some similarities between the robot and Mazinger Z. The story follows the same plot like most other super robot series: the evil enemy, Randow, tries to conquer the Earth. Getter Robot is the only defense against the evil genius. You will also notice that the robot is not referred as Getter Robot Go. This is because, within the story, it is Getter Robot (remember, this is a remake, not a sequel). For some time, finding this series in the West wasn't easy, since most hardcore fans of super robots, who are also normally the main rippers, just hated it because they like the manga more. Nowadays that's not the case. I can say that at least it is interesting and it is not as bad as many might want you to believe. Take it for what it is: a Getter Robot remake, not a sequel, planned for the mainstream public instead of the niche of hardcore super robot fans, and you will enjoy it more. I would say that, in some aspects, it is superior to God Mazinger and Psycho Armor Govarian.



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PostSubject: Re: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   4/11/2012, 4:50 am

can anyone please tell me if there is link outhere on the net of getter robo go with english subs
im waiting for your emails
thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   4/11/2012, 7:31 am

I guess there is no subs for it and does not seem that someone was interested in making them. I was going to watch this show in raws, as this is monster of the week it should not be that difficult.
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PostSubject: Re: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   4/12/2012, 1:17 am

ARR subbed the first episode, but that's the only thing they do really. Subbing the first episode of shows.
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PostSubject: Re: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   4/12/2012, 1:39 am

Can't get that episode anyway, torrent is dead
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PostSubject: Re: [ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]   

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[ANIME] Getter Robo Go [1991]
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