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 1st blog post on Nagai Again ever...

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PostSubject: 1st blog post on Nagai Again ever...   1/26/2013, 10:00 am

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the first personal & opinionated blog post of the administrator of Nagai Again. You are probably wondering if I have anything to say about this site which is nearing its 1st year anniversary already with 120 registered users (which most of them don't post on anyway, it's okay because I'm kinda a bit bored too) Should you know already, Nagai Again is a sister site of Nagai Go, the french Go Nagai forum which was started by Getter Mario. It came as a desire to offer Nagai related news, and content, which is honestly, quite sorely lacking on the internet. Even in internet manga/anime circles, Go Nagai isn't a name you'd hear mentioned often.

For me, Nagai made me interested in anime and manga again. I wanted something different, something unashamed, and Nagai was the perfect answer to that. Of course, I knew of the famous Grendizer, known in French and Middle Eastern circles, but it's Nagai's vision that really attracted me to his works.

You might be thinking, why don't I just have a regular blog for this? As a matter of fact, I did, but only posted the total amount of 5 posts on it due to lack of interest. I figured out if I have everything I concentrated on this place, It'd be easier to manage instead of like 10 different sites I have to logon.

As usual, I've been checking up on new Go Nagai news every week or so, and while there's been quite a few, there's been nothing really significant since the announcement of the Mazinger live action movie last year. The licensing of Mazinger and Cutey Honey by Discotek would surely please fans, and the continuation of Shin Mazinger Zero might be interesting, there still isn't a new Dynamic Pro anime announced, to my dismay. The Dynamic Pro machine will roll on, but with little fanfare.

In any case, thanks to all who still visit Nagai Again.

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1st blog post on Nagai Again ever...
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