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 Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"

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PostSubject: Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"   1/16/2013, 12:09 pm

Susumi Fuji stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, staring at every inch of her finely toned naked body. Her eyes took in her bare, peach colored skin, her two soft and rather large breasts, their pink nipples erect in reaction
to the slight chill of the air conditioning, her slender arms, her flat, sensual stomach, her deeply cleft vulva slightly concealed by a small tuft of black pubic hair, and her firm, tight thighs leading down to her thin, yet strong looking legs.

Susumi, her long black hair, accentuated by a set of somewhat long bangs in the front, large, sweet looking eyes that would melt the heart of even the hardest man, a small, sharp nose that sat on the middle of her face, and a small, sensuous looking mouth, then took a pair of white, cotton panties that had light pink frills on the leg holes, and pulled them over her face, revealing that she had cut two large eyeholes in the back where the buttocks would rest. Revealing that it was a makeshift mask. Her long black hair stuck out of the two leg holes, and dropped downward as though they were two furry Afghan dog ears.

You see, Susumi was the masked superheroine named Maboroshi Panty! A topless vigilante who battled the evil in her crime ridden school. She was also the daughter of the local Chief of the Campus Police Department, Atsuo Fuji, a rotund man with a boisterous laugh and a receding hairline.

Atsuo was a widower who had lost his beautiful wife, Michiko, to ovarian cancer back when Sususmi was just five years old. Susumi only had very vague memories of her, although she remembered her being a very loving woman.

Susumi sighed deeply and removed the panties from her head with a slow, even gesture. She used her hand to brush her hair back into place. She had a very strong sense of justice, and wanted to follow in her father's footsteps as a police detective after finishing school. But for now, she would have to get some rest, as she had classes in the morning. Susumi put her pink, somewhat transparant nightgown on, turned out the lights, and crawled into bed.

The next day was a bright, sunny and cloudless one. Yet as Susumi awoke and began dressing herself, she knew that appearances could be decieving, as many crimes at her school happened during the day.

As Susumi, dressed in her dark blue sailor fuku uniform, entered the school gates, Aki Morimoto, a younger girl with short black permed hair, walked through the gates on an opposite side.

Just then, a textbook slipped and fell from Aki's book bag. As she reached down to pick it up, she was suddenly startled by the sound of a whisper coming from her left side.

"*Psst*" It said.

"Huh?" Aki asked, startled.

"*Psst* Over here..." The voice, a rather high voice whispered again. It seemed to be coming from an untidy bush in the school's front yard.

"W-Who's there?" Aki asked in a shivering, terrified voice.

"Just your secret admirer. I want to show you something." The voice clandestinely said.

"My secret admirer?" Aki asked. Her spirits lifting. Aki was not a very bright girl, and was very gullible. "Alright!" She giddily announced. Aki then got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the bush. This was followed by her saying in a very surprised voice "Hey, who are you? Wait, what are you doing with..AAAHHHH!" The bush then began to shake with her struggling, then was quiet and still.

Susumi arduously worked at her test paper. She was greatly relieved that the wicked Toenail of Satan and his evil league of schoolteachers had been defeated and deposed. They, along with all of the other wicked students who had learned her secret identity, were now in custody and were no longer a threat to her. Anyway, she had no reason to worry, as she was the brightest student in the whole school. In the yearbook, her fellow students voted her "Most Likely to Succeed". Now, the school was back under a fair, benign rule.

Susumi put the finishing touches on her test paper, remembering to "show her work" when required, placed her pencil down on her desk, sat back and relaxed. [Piece of cake.] She thought confidently to herself.

Susumi then looked back a couple of desks to Tsutomu Yagyu, who was still working on his test, and blushed.

Tsutomu was a slim, handsome young man with longish, light brown hair, and was quite an exceptional student himself. Susumi, as Maboroshi Panty, had rescued him several times in the past, and had quite a crush on him.

Suddenly, another teacher burst into the classroom and ran up to the one teaching the class and urgently whispered to him, a pained look on his face.

Susumi was alert. [This could be trouble!] she thought as she strained her ears.

"..urgent situation..trouble outside..police have been called." Was all that she heard, but it was more than enough.

With that, the teacher stood up from his desk, and addressed the students "Class, I must go and attend to some business outside, please continue working at your desks." Both men then made a hasty exit from the classroom.

Susumi hesitated for a moment, then quickly went to the door and swiftly slipped out of the room. Unbeknownst to her, Tsutomu, a steely look in his eyes, followed suit.

Aki was unconcious and completely nude. Her body completely on display. Her arms were bound to her sides by a thick brown rope. She was also suspended from a branch of one of the school's trees. On her bare body and face were scrawled in what appeared to be magic marker, childish characters for words like "stupid", "pee-pee", "poop", and "fart". A large crowd of teachers, students, and police had gathered around her.

Susumi stood in the middle of the gathering crowd, a concerned frown on her face. [Who would do something horrible like this?] She thought, her mind troubled. Tsutomu, standing a row behind her, as thinking the same thing.

Chief Fuji stood a couple of feet away, taking notes down on a shorthand pad at a frantic pace, before whipping out a camera and began taking pictures of the poor girl from different angles. "That's it! Yeah, baby! Give me what I want!" He shouted hungrily, his face distorted in a cartoonish grin of satisfaction.

"DADDY! Quit it!" Susumi yelled, grabbing him by the back of his collar and pulling him away. She looked directly at him with a furious expression, saying "This is supposed to be serious Police business, not a perverted photo shoot! Now cut that poor girl down!"

Chief Fuji looked down sadly and said "Alright, Susumi-chan.." in an ashamed voice, before telling his team. "Do what she says.."

"Yes, Sir." an Officer complied, donned some gloves, and began to untie the rope that bound the young girl.

Chief Fuji then began to waddle his stout frame through the crowd, the Officers clearing the way.

Susumi then reached out and tapped her father on the shoulder. As he stopped and turned to face her, she whispered "Papa, do you have any leads yet?"

Chief Fuji sighed and said "Not yet, Susumi-chan. We don't even have any suspects yet. I'll be home after you're in bed, so don't bother cooking anything for me." before walking off.

Susumi's teacher then raised his voice and said "Alright, students, let's leave the Police to their work, this is no place for students."

As Susumi reluctantly walked back towards the school with the rest of the students, she thought to herself [Maybe not for a student, but it certainly is for Maboroshi Panty!]

Later that night, Susumi, topless, and only dressed in a pair of red panties, red gloves and boots, a bright red scarf, and her white panty mask, scaled the tall iron fence of her school, and did an impressive acrobatic flip over it's top, landing on her feet on the concrete path, her breasts jiggling with the impact.

Maboroshi Panty then pulled a small but bright flashlight out of the back of her panties, and then activated it, shining the light around the grounds of the property, while thinking [I hope that security doesn't think that I'm a prowler, but I've just got to look for evidence, since the police didn't find anything.] as she wandered past the bush were the assault happened. She quickly shined her flashlight in it's direction. [No. Nothing there.] She thought disappointedly to herself.

All of a sudden, she tripped over a patch of ground. "WHOOOA!" She exclaimed as she fell flat on her face. After quickly picking herself back up, Maboroshi Panty then said to herself "Whoa, what did I trip over?" She looked back, and saw a pile of neatly packed earth. "Hmm? What's that?" she wondered aloud. Maboroshi Panty then carefully dug through the ground, until she felt a hard, cylindrical object hidden in the soil. She plucked it out, and brushed the dirt off of it, and shined her flashlight upon it. "Mmm-hmm! Just as I thought!" Maboroshi Panty said to herself with a confident smirk.

Sure enough, it was a black colored magic marker. Just like the one used in the assault to mark the victim!

Suddenly, a flash of light blasted upon Maboroshi Panty! A high pitched voice accompanying it, shouted "AHA! Caught you!"

Maboroshi Panty swirled around in a karate stance with a snarl on her face! But upon seeing whom the voice belonged to, she was shocked!

Standing in front of her was a child of around six years of age! He wore a pair of large, thick spectacles, a black suit jacket, red shorts and a bright blue polka dotted bow tie. He was aiming a flashlight at Maboroshi Panty and had a wide eyed look in his eyes, and his mouth was agape. The first words out of his mouth were: "WOW! You've got big boobies!"

Mabaroshi Panty blushed with embarrasment and covered her bosoms with the arm whose hand was holding the magic marker, then asked indignantly "Just who are you, kid?"

The child grinned and said "I'm glad you asked!" before declaring "I'm Nisetantei Sonan, Private Detective!" proudly, extending the index finger of his free hand into the air, he then brought it swinging down to point accusingly at Maboroshi Panty "And I've caught you red handed returning to the crime scene! All roads lead to truth!" he concluded dramatically.

"You're wrong, kid! I'm Girl Detective, Maboroshi Panty, a crimefighter! I'm looking for evidence that the Police missed." Maboroshi Panty said pridefully. "Which I've found, by the way." She showed him the unearthed marker. "You know, you look far too young to be a detective! In fact, isn't it past your bedtime?" She asked scornfully.

Sonan then adopted a surprised look, before saying clandestinely "Well, don't tell anyone this, but I'm actually a full grown man who was shrunken by a mysterious drug."

"Sorry, I don't believe you." Maboroshi Panty said, an angry look on her face.

"Um, w-well, I-I've got to go now!" Sonan stammered, before taking off like a shot, heading for the school's fence.

"Wait!" Maboroshi Panty called out, but it was too late, he was already gone. She then put her thumb and forefinger to her chin and narrowed her eyes, thinking to herself [Hmm, there's something suspicious about that kid.]

Chief Atsuo Fuji unlocked the front door of the small two story house that he shared with his daughter. He removed his rather tight jacket that was slightly too small for him, exposing his brown leather holster in which a small black pistol rested.
He undid his black necktie, and used another one of his keys to unlock a modestly stocked liquor cabinet without even bothering to turn on the lights, removed a rather sizable bottle of Suntory whiskey, pulled out a small glass, filled it and swallowed it in one large gulp. Atsuo didn't normally drink, but the harshness of the case and the fact that he couldn't solve it were really eating at him. Atsuo then dropped his keys nosily on the kitchen counter, and then turned to see the ghostly figure of a beautiful young woman in a transparent nightgown! Immediately his heart skipped a beat and he began sweating as his eyes bugged out. "AAAHH! Please, Michiko, be merciful! Why are you haunting me?!" He asked in a pleading voice.

The spirit then flicked the lights, revealing itself to be none other than Susumi! "Papa, it's me! Why are you drinking in the dark?" she asked concernedly.

"Oh, Susumi-chan. Forgive me, I thought you were your mother's spirit. You look more and more like her every day.." Atsuo said, his voice starting to drift off.

Susumi's face became downcast and she looked silently at the ground, before saying softly "I still miss her, Papa."

"So do I, Susumi-chan, every day. And the reason I'm drinking in the dark is because I simply can't figure this case out." Atsuo replied.

Susumi's face then perked up. "Well, I have a surprise for you, Papa!" Before showing him the dirt covered magic marker with a look of achievement. "TAH-DAHH!"

"What is that?" Atsuo asked, confused.

"It's a clue. I did some snooping around the school grounds and found this buried near the crime scene!" Susumi explained with a sly smile.

"Oh,thank you, Susumi-chan! You're my little detective girl!" Atsuo said, as he attempted to throw his arms around his daughter in a loving embrace.

Susumi pulled back with a blush, exclaiming in an embarrassed voice "EEK! Papa, I'm only in my nightie!"

Tsutomu, a long light brown wig on his head, wearing a dark blue sailor uniform, and lipstick, walked through the school gates, thinking [With this disguise, I'll be able to lure this criminal out and help Maboroshi Panty by catching him myself!] in a cocky manner.

With most of the students had already gone in, the front entrance seemed eerily quiet. Suddenly, as Tsutomu passed a rather large bush, a whispering voice came from it. "*Psst* Hey! Over here!" it said.

"Hmm? Who are you?" Tsutomu asked in a moderate falsetto as he turned to the bush.

"I'm your secret admirer, young lady. I'd like to give you a little something." The voice said enticingly.

Suddenly, Tsutomu stuck his finger out accusingly at the bush and shouted "So you're the person who abducted those girls! I've got you!"

There came a wicked snicker from the bush and the voice said sinisterly "No, sweetie. I've got YOU!" And with that, a large brown boxing glove attached to a giant spring jumped from the bush, and socked Tsutomu right in the face, knocking him out cold!

Minutes later, Susumi walked through the gates with her bookbag, when as she looked over to the far left of the school's yard on a whim, she spotted what appeared to be a female student being dragged into a tool shed! She gasped and exclaimed to herself "The abductor!" Then, without missing a beat, Susumi ducked into a nearby bush, dumped the books out of her bag to reveal her costume at the bottom, and, with a dutiful look on her face, began undressing.

The room was only illuminated by a single dim bulb as Tsutomu drowsily came to in the shed, only to witness the sight of Sonan standing before him, a villanous smirk on his face. Tsutomu noticed that he felt a bit drafty, and upon looking down, noticed that he was completely nude and his hands and feet were resrained by cuffs!

"What have you done, you little monster?" Tsutomu asked furiously.

"Hmph, I should ask you the same thing! What's the idea of dressing up like a girl to trick me?" Sonan asked in a petulant tone.

"I was trying to stop you from assaulting another innocent girl!" Tsutomu spoke up.

"Well, it didn't work!" Sonan said arrogantly.

"What's the idea of attacking girls and writing on them, anyway?" Tsutomu asked.

"Well, I want to be a detective when I grow up, so I decided to start a few crimes, then solve them by finding the evidence I planted, and become famous!" Sonan explained.

"You did all that to be a detective?! You're just the opposite! You're a criminal!" Tsutomu shouted.

"Well, you'll never identify me, because by the time that you regain conciousness again, I'll be out of here!" Sonan said, very sure of himself.

Suddenly, Maboroshi Panty kicked the door in, announcing in a heroic voice "Freeze, Nisetantei Sonan! Girl Detective, Maboroshi Panty has arrived!"

Both Sonan and Tsutomu looked over at her in shock. "My hero!" Tsutomu exclaimed with joy.

However, upon catching sight of Tsutomu's privates, Maboroshi Panty's eyes bugged out, and she blushed, shielding her eyes with her hands. "AAH!" she screamed, vocalizing her embarrasment.

"Grr, I'll teach you!" Sonan growled, and pressed a button on his belt buckle, firing out the spring loaded boxing glove.

However, Maboroshi Panty expertly dodged it with a duck! She then grabbed the contraption's spring and pulled the young boy forward!

"What the?!" The boy asked in surprise.

Righteous fury boiled up deep from inside Maboroshi Panty. She gritted her teeth and shouted "I'll teach you a lesson, you little brat!!!" With that, the masked heroine grabbed Sonan by his sides and lifted him up.

"Hey, put me down!" Sonan protested.

Maboroshi Panty didn't listen, she sat down on a workbench and threw Sonan over her knee. She swiftly pulled down his pants and, with great force, slapped his bare bottom with tremendous force!

"OUCH!! OUCH!! WAAAAAHHH!" Sonan wailed.

Just then, the sound of a young woman's voice called out "Hey! What are you doing to my little brother?!"

Maboroshi Panty looked to the doorway, and saw a teenage girl with her brown hair in ponytails in a blue and white sailor uniform.

"I'm punishing this little criminal!" The superheroine replied indignantly, setting Sonan down.

The young lady looked over at the nude and handcuffed Tsutomu without displaying any emotion, then back at Sonan with an angry face on, asking him in a scolding tone. "Sonan-kun, have you been kidnapping people again?"

"B-But Rin-neechan, I-I.." Sonan began to protest.

"No! I don't want to hear your excuses! Now you apologize to these people right now!" Rin ordered.

"Sorry.." Sonan said sheepishly, his head hanging down in shame.

"Come on, we're going home!" Rin said aggresively, pulling Sonan by his arm out of the tool shed.

Maboroshi Panty, blushing with shame, produced a hairpin from her panties and quickly undid Tstomu's shackles with them. Trying not to look at his exposed body.

Once freed, Tsutomu was overcome with emotion. "Thank you, Maboroshi Panty! You rescued me yet again!" He exclaimed as he moved to embrace her.

"AAH! Don't, Tsutomu! You're naked!" Maboroshi Panty yelped, holding him back.

"Oops! Sorry!" Tsutomu said, realizing this, covering his nether region.

"Do you have your normal uniform with you?" Maboroshi Panty asked hurriedly.

"Yes, I.." Tsutomu began.

"Then you'd better get to class! Bye!" Maboroshi Panty said in a rushed voice before racing out the door.

"Wait! Maboroshi Panty!" Tsutomu called out, but she was gone. "Oh, why does she always have to rush off like that?" He said to himself as he began to get dressed.

Outside, Maboroshi Panty turns to us as she runs, saying "If only rescuing boys wasn't so embarrassing!"



"Shoujo Tantei Maboroshi Panty, Sanjo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"   1/26/2013, 8:35 am

This is slightly erotic.

I think it's well time for a Maboroshi Panty anime. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"   1/26/2013, 9:02 am

Yeah, I know. I wanted to make it as close to the manga's sexiness and humor as possible while spicing it up a bit.

Believe me, I completely agree! With Enma-kun getting a new one, I think it's high time for a Maboroshi Panty OVA series. I'm really eager for one to be made. If only the manga would be more popular!


"Shoujo Tantei Maboroshi Panty, Sanjo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"   

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Maboroshi Panty - "Pint Sized Pest"
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