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 マジンカイザー傳 (MazinKaiser Den)

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PostSubject: マジンカイザー傳 (MazinKaiser Den)   7/27/2012, 9:22 am

I remember more than a decade ago that someone uploaded a DL audio link of the Super Robot Spirits concert of which one of them was the Ballad of MazinKaiser. The live version however featured a dialogue by Rika Matsumoto and Ichiro Mizuki. That dialogue featured a story of MazinKaiser as told by Akira Kabuto, the descendant of Koji. I used to have that audio file which was sadly lost. And then I found this:

Brief info and story:

I have reason to believe the said dialogue may have been taken from the radio drama version of MazinKaiser. If so, then this may be it.
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マジンカイザー傳 (MazinKaiser Den)
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