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 For Coryn

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PostSubject: For Coryn   4/28/2012, 9:15 am

Two years ago, I wrote a poem about a Grendizer fan fiction written by Euphoriane. I have just made a translation into English and I post it here. I'm French so if you see errors about grammar or vocabulary, please tell me.

I wrote this poem in tribute to Coryn who is the heroine of that fan fiction. Coryn is an earthling who goes to Fleed. When she gets there, she meets Duke Fleed and they fall in love.

Coryn and Duke in Grendizer (drawing realized by Acturus / Sylvain - © Acturus / Sylvain, Euphoriane)

For Coryn

At the foot of his tree
When you met him
Your insensitive heart
Was metamorphosed.

In that wild place
Under a storry sky
When you saw his face
His eyes disturbed you.

Azure-eyed earthling
You could comfort
The many wounds
From a painful past.

And you'll be together
To gain the victory
In the future struggle
Which will be caused by
The Princess forgotten
In murky intentions.

Velvel-eyed Queen
Your charm and beauty
Will delight forever
Our favourite Prince
In the warm atmosphere
Of a new-found world.
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PostSubject: Re: For Coryn   4/30/2012, 3:28 am

Nice contribution.
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For Coryn
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