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 Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"

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PostSubject: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   4/21/2012, 7:44 am

The rather large orange leaf drifted softly on it's slow but sure descent to the ground.

Mayumi Takahashi, dressed in her dark blue sailor uniform, stared at the leaf out of her classroom's window. Her eyes taking
in every aspect of it's natural beauty.

"Takahashi-chan!! Pay attention!" yelled Hachi Kitamura, Mayumi's English teacher, a bulky, even sized man with curly, short,
dark brown hair with a matching goatee, dressed in an ill-fitting light blue suit.

"Y-Yes, sensei. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." Mayumi nervously said, bowing.

"Alright, now then," Mr.Kitamura began "as I said before, today is the day when we introduce our exchange student. So I'd like you to give a warm welcome to her."

The student, a girl with short, wild, black hair, and a blue and white sailor fuku with a long hemmed blue skirt that reached
all the way down to her ankles, stepped into the classroom. The look of unbridled toughness was prevelant in her eyes.

"Please introduce yourself." Mr.Kitamura ordered coldly.

"My name's Ban Suke. And if you're smart, you'll stay out of my way!" the girl said threateningly in a slightly deep voice
with a smirk on her face.

At this, the entire class quaked in fear. Even Mr.Kitamura had a touch of unease on his face.

But, unbeknownst to everyone in the school, Suke wasn't a girl at all, but rather a feminine looking boy named Banji Suke
who was also believed to be a girl at his other school because his father forced him to. He was also a notorious delinquent!

Banji scanned his eyes around the classroom with a devious intent, wondering whom his first victim would be when all of a
sudden, he froze!

Near the back of the room, sitting upright at her desk, was Koichi Omote. She was dressed, as usual, in the traditional black
schoolboy uniform, as she had previously been masquerading as a boy, but her true gender had since been uncovered when she
was believed to have been Kekko Kamen. The nude heroine showing up to rescue her had shot down that theory. Because she was
exposed on such short notice, the Academy didn't have the time nor the money to pay for a set of girl's uniforms, so Koichi
was stuck being dressed like a boy.

However, Banji didn't know this, he thought she was a boy. "Wow." he thought to himself. "What's the story with that guy
there? I mean, I'm straight, so I don't know why I'm thinking this way about another guy..I mean, his eyes kinda look like a
girl's. Maybe that's it."

Little did Banji know, but Koichi was thinking the same thing. "What's the deal with this girl? I mean, she looks a little
masculine, but, there's just something about her.." The young student then began to blush.

"Alright, Ban-chan, you may take a seat in the middle." Mr. Kitamura nervously said.

As Banji made his way across the rows of desks, Mayumi noticed the seat next to her was empty. She began to perspire and she
clasped her hands together, shut her eyes tight and bowed her head, praying "Please don't let her sit next to me! Please!"

However, Banji did indeed sit next to Mayumi. Sensing his presence, Mayumi kept her eyes shut, until she felt a tap on her

"Huh?" She nervously asked, as she jolted to the side. Her brown eyes as big as saucers.

Banji was staring coldly at her. He said in a sinister, yet feminine voice "You'd better stay out of my way, or I'll beat the
crap out of you!"

Koichi couldn't take it anymore! She furrowed her brows and angrily said "Hey! Leave her alone!"

Banji turned around, and looked at Koichi with amusement. "Don't get too excited, sweetheart! Soon you can have me all to
yourself!" He said seductively with a smirk and a wink.

Koichi just grimaced and blushed in return.

Banji then simply shifted foreward and turned his attention to the teacher. Mayumi and Koichi did the same.

"Alright, class." Mr. Kitaura began in his usual sinister tone. The students didn't like it when he made announcements, it
could only mean the worst. "I hope you've remembered the things I've taught you thus far, because it's time for the weekend

The entire class tensed up as Kitamura began passing papers to the desks.

Mayumi broke out in a cold sweat. [Oh, dear! Did I study enough? Will I get all of the answers right?] She frantically thought
to herself.

As Mayumi began the test, she could already tell she was in trouble. Although she remembered studying the material listed,
she just couldn't remember the answers to the questions! Mayumi finally did manage to bring some of the answers out of the
murky swamp-like depths of her memory, but most of them had completely sunken to the bottom.

As time passed, the innocent looking wall clock above the chalkboard seemed to be pronouncing a punishment sentence on Mayumi
with each nerve wracking tick.

While Mayumi was still working on a problem halfway through the test, Mr. Kitamura called out "Alright, class, time's up!
Pencils down!"

Mayumi panicked, she quickly attempted to jot down as many answers as she could. However, Kitamura noticed this. "TAKAHASHI-
CHAN! I said "pencils down"!" he yelled at the top of his voice.

"Ah! I'm sorry, Kitamura-sensei! I just couldn't think of the answers very quickly!" Mayumi fearfully explained.

"It doesn't matter!" Kitamura said, before rushing up to Mayumi's desk, and lifting her off her seat by her collar. "You're
going to the Punishment Room for this!" he said sinisterly with an evil look in his eyes, as he slobbered with anticipation.

"NO, PLEASE, NO!" Mayumi objected as she was dragged from the classroom.

Banji turned to Koichi and nonchalantly asked "Hey, sweetie, what kind of things happen in the Punishment Room?"

Koichi just stared at Banji with a look of caution, and said "You don't want to know." in a grim tone.

The punishment room, located in the Academy's basement smelled of the usual mold and dried blood of unfortunate students,
whose screams could possibly still be heard bouncing off the cold, ancient ugly dungeon-like drab gray brick walls.

Mayumi sat naked and slouched foreward with shame in a regulation school desk and seat, which were attached to each other.
The unusual thing was that the chair she sat in had no backing to it, leaving her entire back and the top of her buttocks
completely exposed. Her extremities, except for her right forearm and wrist, were bound to the furniture. On the desk sat a
blank copy of the test Mayumi had failed, a plain yellow Number 2 pencil, a shoddy green plastic pencil sharpener, and a
white, bland looking egg timer.

The sudden crack of a switch on Mayumi's back made her jerk upwards in an involuntary spasm. Her breath hissed through her
clenched teeth as her face contorted with an expression of pain.

"SIT UP STRAIGHT!" The sudden, contemptful voice of Mr. Kitamura shouted.

Mayumi began to sniffle and whimper as the man she trusted to educate her, walked within her line of vision.

"Takahashi-chan, it would appear that you have a problem with concentration. Time seems to slip through your fingers like
sand in an hourglass." Kitamura began sinisterly, a frightening grin frozen on his mouth. He continued. "But this is one of the finest learning institutions in the country. We can't let your problem with attentiveness go uncorrected. So, I'll give you an ultimatum. On this desk, you see all the objects you previously used on your failed attempt to complete the test. Now that you are in a *ahem* "controlled enviornment", along with some further precautions, you will have less of a chance of having your attention drawn away from your work. As before, you will be timed. And just to give you a little..." Kitamura paused, his eyes now looking past Mayumi, at something behind her, as he licked his lips like a starving man at an all you can eat buffet, before resuming his sentence. "..."drive" to finish punctually and properly, I've installed a chain link winch to a large and very sharp meathook, designed to raise upwards every minute, until it digs into your BACK!" Kitamura concluded with a loud voice and a spray of saliva.

"P-Please, No..." Mayumi's shivering voice trailed off, as she looked at him, tears of desperation pouring from her eyes.

However, Kitamura's face was impassive as he stared uncaringly at the young girl "It's too late for that!" He snapped. "Now's
the time for your make up test." He then took the timer from the desk and fervently wound it, before slapping it back down
on the polished cedar finishing, before quickly and coldly saying "You have exactly one hour!" He then walked up to a large
red box with a silver reflectant lever and a black rubber grip, and pulled it downwards.

The sound of a giant monster growling filled the air, the sound was nearly deafening and set Mayumi's teeth on edge! "IT'S
TOO LOUD!" She shouted.

"WHAT?!" Kitamura asked, his hands cupped over his ears, trying to filter Mayumi's voice over the noise.

"I SAID I CAN'T CONCENTRATE!! IT'S TOO LOUD!!" Mayumi shouted at the top of her lungs, her voice beginning to crack.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU! THE MACHINE IS TOO LOUD!!" Kitamura responded in an amplified voice .

Mayumi gave up trying to shout over the sound of the motor, and tried her best to write down her answers, despite being bound,
and attempted to concentrate at the same time. However, she found both very hard to do. As time passed, Mayumi could feel the
cold steel teeth of the meathook scratching the tops of her buttocks. Then, as the hour wore on, to the small of her back.
Then, as she feverishly attempted to finish, she felt the sharp double hook begin to dig into her back just below her
shoulder blades! Kitamura's eyes widened with arousal and he began to pant as Mayumi cried out in desperation

Suddenly, there came the muffled, yet familiar sound of a woman singing. "♪ You cannot tell who this is by... ♫" The singing then
stopped and the woman shouted "HEY! COULD YOU SHUT THAT THING OFF SO I CAN FINISH?!" in an irate voice.

Kitamura, realizing what was happening, shouted back "OKAY, SORRY!" he then walked over to the machine and pushed the lever
back upwards. The ear-splitting noise stopped.

"Thank you." The voice answered before once again breaking out into song. "♪ You cannot tell who this is by looking at the face! You can only tell by looking at the body! Kekko Kamen-neesan is a friend of justice, a good person! ♫"

Mayumi's face then lit up with joy, as she elatedly exclaimed "HOORAY! My hero!"

With a loud crash, the masked and nude heroine, Kekko Kamen, busted through the solid brick wall of the punishment chamber!
She stood with one hand on her hip, and the other holding a pair of nunchaku, in an alluring pose.

"WOW! KEKKO!" Kitamura exclaimed, his eyes bugging out, his tongue licking his lips.

"Yes I am Kekko, Kekko Kamen! Nude defender of the downtrodden and defenseless! I forget shame for justice!" the heroine
declared with much panache, before pointing an accusing finger at Kitamura and furrowed her brows, saying "Kitamura
Hachi-sensei, You have attempted to satisfy your own perverted desires by using this school's disgusting punishment rules
against this poor young student! I will not stand for this!" with righteous fury in her voice.

Then, with great finesse and grace, Kekko Kamen jumped foreward and stuck her finely toned leg out, while spinning one
revolution in mid-air, her large exposed breasts swinging with the motion. The red boot on her foot crashing into Kitamura's
face, knocking one of his incisors, along with some strands of blood, out of his mouth. As the clotheless crusader continued to effortlessly use her martial arts expertise to pound some sense into the thug, she continued to sing her theme song "♪ Moving like the wind. Moving like the wind, she'll show you everything! Who could Kekko Kamen be?! ♫"

After the beating concluded, Kitamura sank to his knees with exshaustion. Kekko Kamen took advantage of this and lept into
the air and spread her legs wide apart as she descended, making her exposed vulva that much more evident, as she called out
"Pubic Hair Jump!"

Kitamura's eyes became as wide as saucers at the glorious sight quickly advancing towards him. His muscles tensed and he froze
in place. Kekko Kamen's bare crotch slammed into his face,and her muscular thighs wrapped around his cranium, as the bottom
of her boots hit the ground, her thighs released Kitamura's head, the back of his skull clashing against the cold cement floor.
However, he was so unconcious with elation that he didn't feel a thing.

Mayumi, still tied to her desk, blushed and shouted for joy "Yay! Thank you, Kekko Kamen-oneesama!"

Kekko Kamen approached Mayumi and began to undo her bonds. "Don't worry, Mayumi-chan, you'll be free soon!" she said encouragingly.

Soon, Mayumi was freed, and she immediately lept into her hero's arms, the young women's breasts and vulvas rubbing against
each other. "Thank you! Thank you, my hero! I love you!" Mayumi exclaimed as she gave swift, pecking kisses all over her
heroine's red mask. But she had to stand on her tiptoes, as Kekko Kamen stood a couple heads taller than her.

Kekko Kamen just chuckled and ruffled Mayumi's light brown hair. "You're welcome, Mayumi-chan. Now, let me walk you back to
your dorm." She said with a wink.

It was night now, Mayumi was safe inside her dormroom, and had just finished with her studies. Now, she was working on an
international diplomacy letter to President Nixon, asking him to consider disarmament talks, when suddenly, there came a
knock on her door. Mayumi got up from her desk and walked up to the door and opened it. It was Koichi, with an uneasy look
on her face. "Koichi-chan! What are you doing here?" she whispered.

"Hi, Mayumi-chan. May I come in?" Koichi whispered back.

"Of course." Mayumi responded.

Once Koichi was inside, Mayumi asked her friend "What's wrong Koichi-chan?"

Koichi gripped her arm with nervousness and blushed, asking nervously "Mayumi-chan, have you ever been in love?"

Mayumi blushed as well, and stammered "I-In L-Love?" At the same time, she remembered the kiss they had shared in the bathing
room some time before, she also thought about her deep affection for Kekko Kamen, and for Chigusa. She decided to be careful
with her answer. "Not for a while. Why?" She asked.

"Because I think I am." Koichi responded.

"Really? With whom?" Mayumi inquired.

Koichi hesitated at first, but then said "It's Suke-chan."

Mayumi's eyes became wider "W-What? You mean that awful delinquent girl?" she asked in shock.

"You don't understand, Mayumi. I think I can change her before she goes back to her original school." Koichi explained, before
asking "You don't think there's something wrong with me is there?"

Mayumi just smiled and took Koichi's hand in her's "Of course not, Koichi-chan. Of course not."

The next day, Banji was walking down the hallway, when the red haired Kei Kurneai and her gang appeared in the opposite
direction. As they crossed paths, Banji's shoulder brushed against Kei's. Kei turned called out "Watch where you're going!"
in anger. Fury evident in her eyes.

Banji stopped and turned around. "Shut your mouth!" he shouted.

Kei and her gang froze and spun around "You want to try to make me, sugar?!" Kei said in a loud, threatening voice.

"Yeah, I think so!" Banji said in a cocky voice, taking a battle stance.

Kei just smirked and took her long wooden cigarette holder out of her mouth, exhaling a cloud of smoke as she did so, she then
turned to her gang and said "Okay, ladies, let's get her!" And they charged at him!

Ayako, an ironically hideous thin girl
with long hair and a face that looked like a thin patch of skin stretched across her skull, lunged at him. Banji ducked and
expertly dodged her, landing a fierce chop on the back of her neck, knocking her to the ground. However, Sayuri, an extremely
bulky girl with ponytails grabbed him in a bearhug and slammed him to the ground! The rest of the gang then knelt down beside
him and began pounding on him with their fists! Banji tried to cover up the best he could, but a lot of blows were landing
square on his face.

By this time, a crowd had begun to gather around the savage beating. Koichi, who had been walking to her next class, saw the
brutality, and managed to see that it was being inflicted on Suke! She boldly stepped foreward and shouted defiantly "Hey!
You leave her alone!"

The gang merely stood up from the bloody and battered Banji and Kei gave a knowing glance and a nod to her gang, and they ran
at Koichi! Sayuri attempted to grab Koichi around her arms, but an expert kick from Koichi knocked the chubby girl out. Tama,
a muscular girl with a pompadour hairstyle attempted to slam into Koichi with her shoulder, but Koichi interlaced her hands
together and brought them down hard on the girl's head, she fell to the ground as well. Mariko, a slightly stout girl with
short hair that was flipped up at the ends tried a dangerous high kick to Koichi's face. However, Koichi simply grabbed the
girl's leg and performed a textbook takedown move that slammed Mariko's head against the unyielding cement floor.

As Koichi rose to meet Kei, both young women got into combat positions as the crowd of students around them began to chant

Suddenly, there came the loud yell of "Alright, break it up everybody!" Everyone turned to see a couple of male teachers
walking towards them with contemptful glares.

Kei just sourly grinned at Koichi and said "Later, baby!" before darting off down the hall and disappearing.

As the teacher's got to the scene of the action, they commanded "Alright, everyone. Get to your classes!". The onlookers obeyed.

One of the teachers, a rail thin man with a pencil thin moustache and a set of eyeglasses that were much too big for his face,
looked at Koichi and asked "Are you responsible for this uproar, young lady?!"

"Yes, but I was only trying to protect that girl from these bullies!" Koichi explained, motioning to Banji, who was just
starting to come to.

"That's all we needed to hear! You both are going to be punished for this!" The teacher said, grabbing Koichi's arms and
pinning them behind her, as his partner violently pulled the bleeding Banji up from the ground.

"No! Please, Don't!" Koichi protested, fear quite evident in her eyes.

The muscular, young looking man with spikey black hair that resembled a porcupine's was about twenty five years old and was dressed in
a dark blue gi with an orange belt. He sat in the principal's office eating a bowl of rice with red beans with an animal

Toenail of Satan, the wicked Principal of the school, dressed in his usual black jester hood, white demon mask, and purple
robe, sat behind his desk, the Vice Principal, an elderly man with thinning white hair and a white beard dressed in a black
tuxedo, turned to his boss and said "He's one of the best martial artists they could send us. He'll be perfect!" with a wicked

The Principal cut his eyes over to his assistant and said "He'd better be!" coldly, before addressing the young man "So, Don
Gasu-san, are you ready to punish some students?"

Gasu looked up from his meal, and belched. "Of course I am! Let's get to it!" he said eagerly.

Keiko Natsuwata, the school's Physical Education teacher, dressed in her usual dark blue jogging suit, sat meditating in the
lotus position under the shade of an oak tree near the atheletic field, her eyes shut tight with concentration as she centered her mind and body. She always preferred taking her breaks here in the
fresh air, rather than in the stuffy, smoke filled teacher's lounge, listening to those awful men bragging about how they've
tortured innocent students.

As she drew another deep breath and expelled it, her concentration was interrupted by the sound of excited children running
past her, talking eagerly with each other about something. "Excuse me!" She called to some of them "What's all the excitement
about?" she asked curiously.

One student, an overweight boy with short black hair and glasses turned and replied "They're going to punish some students
in the auditorium, Natsuwata-sensei!"

"Whom?!" Keiko asked, her face going pale.

"Omote-chan and the exchange student." The boy replied, before rushing off.

Keiko broke out in a cold sweat, her brows furrowed with determation as she gritted her teeth, thinking to herself, [Kotomi-
chan!] Before leaping to her feet, and rushing to the academy.

Spotlights suddenly hit the stage of the auditorium. The Students in the audience became attentive.

On the stage, Koichi sat stark naked on top of an unsteady looking plastic board that sat above a carnival dunk tank filled
with jellyfish. Her arms and legs were bound with thick looking rope. She was perspiring heavily and looking down at the
water filled tank with great fear. Her large breasts rose and fell with every unsteady breath she took.

Lying a few feet away from her was Banji, still in his uniform, tied to a large wooden rack. He strained to be free of his
bonds, but they were unyielding.

The Principal and Gasu came out on stage. The Principal took a microphone and said with aplomb "Good afternoon, students!
Let the following be an example as to why we don't allow fighting in this school!"

"I wasn't starting a fight! I was protecting Suke-chan! Why aren't you also punishing the gang members who started it?" Koichi

"Silence!" The Principal shouted, before composing himself, and continuing. "And now, the famed warrior Don Gasu-san will
assist me in the punishment!" The Principal handed Gasu several baseballs and walked towards Banji. "Well, dear Suke-chan,
let's see what kind of beautiful body is under those clothes!" The principal said, licking his lips as he pulled a pair of
scissors from the folds of his cloak and, starting with the collar, cut his way down to Banji's skirt, as Banji continued to
struggle. After he was done, The Principal, drool pouring from his mouth, pulled both sides of the torn clothing away, only
to have his eyes bulge out not with arousal, but with horror, for before him, on Banji's body, was a flat pectoral chest, a
penis, and testicles! "What the Hell?!" The principal screamed in shock.

At the same time, most of the girls in the audience, including Mayumi, screamed and covered their eyes. On the stage, even
Koichi blushed and looked away, while thinking, [[So, I guess I'm not a lesbian after all!]]

Banji looked up at the Principal and said "Ha! Guess I fooled you, old man!" in an arrogant voice.

The Toenail of Satan however, just chuckled and said "Well, I've dealt with one cross dresser, I can deal with another."
Before walking toward the back of the stage.

Meanwhile, Gasu was pitching baseballs at the water tank's target, attempting to plunge Koichi into the pool of jellyfish
below! Thankfully, he kept missing.

In the audience, Mayumi stared nervously at the horrifying event before her thinking in her mind, [Kekko Kamen, please hurry
up and rescue Koichi-chan!]

The Principal soon returned with a four stringed mandolin. He then plucked the strings off with his bare hands. "Well, Suke-
kun," the Principal began. "these mandolin strings used to be used by the French-Moroccans during World War II for a torture
technique called "Passer a la Mandoline". Normally they'd only use one string, but I figure, why stop there? I'm sure it will
be an effective punishment." He concluded with a maniacal laugh. Before sliding the strings under Banji's genitals, grabbing
both ends of all four strings with both hands, he began to chuckle devilishly.

Banji, his pulse racing, called out with fear "Somebody, please help me!"

As Gasu threw a pitch that was about to connect with the tank's target, an arrow, moving almost quicker than the speed of
light, shot out from the shadows and sank into the baseball halfway, sending it flying across the room, before it stuck into
the wall on the other side of the auditorium!

"Hey! Who did that?!" Gasu angrily called out.

Suddenly, a familiar woman's voice called out from the shadows "Satan's Toenail, Don Gasu-san, you have once again betrayed
the spirit of justice to fufill your own perverted persuits! I, Kekko Kamen, will not allow it!"

As Gasu looked on in shock, Kekko Kamen lept into view from the rafters with a dazzling mid-air double summersault, landing
gracefully on the toe of her right red boot, her large bosoms and buttocks shuddering slightly after impact, she had a bright
red bow in one hand and a matching quiver slung over her left shoulder.

"Ah! My hero, you're here!" Mayumi, in the crowd of students, exclaimed with joy. The students began cheering as well.

"Kekko Kamen! Alright!" Koichi happily shouted. The nude heroine looked up at her and playfully winked.

"WOW! What a babe!" Banji yelled with elation. It was obvious from the position of his privates that he was happy. Any of the
girls who were looking in his direction, once again screamed and looked away.

Even the mighty Kekko Kamen blushed and averted her eyes, before focusing on Gasu. She furrowed her brow, took the quiver off
her shoulder, reached inside, and pulled out her trusty pair of nunchaku. She dropped the quiver, spun her weapon around a few
times, and said "You should beware, I am a highly skilled martial artist! If I were you, I'd surrender immediately!" in a
warning tone.

"Sorry, sweetie, that's not going to happen!" Gasu replied. before running foreward and executing a flying kick. Kekko Kamen
merely jumped into the air, flipping gracefully like a professional acrobat, while in mid air, she cracked Gasu over the head
with her nunchaku, sending him to the floor. She then performed several impressive backflips, before stopping about a yard
from him.

Gasu slowly got to his feet, staggering somewhat, before standing upright, several streams of blood poured down his face from
the head wound he had sustained. He wiped it off before smirking and saying to himself "Okay, time to even things out." He
then shouted as loud as he could "EARTHQUAKE BURP!!!" before, inhaling a large amount of air through his mouth and swallowing.
He then opened his mouth, and let out an extremely loud, eardrum bursting belch, that sent the entire building shaking and
shuddering violently! Students screamed in fear and ran for cover!

As parts of the ground began to split apart, Kekko Kamen lept out of the way, she then spotted the bound Koichi about to fall
into the tank under the belch's power. Kekko Kamen jumped up to the plastic plank, scooped Koichi up in her arms, and landed
next to the tank, placing Koichi down and untying her just as the loud burping died down.

"Thanks, Kekko Kamen-oneesama!" Koichi gratefully said with a clandestine wink.

"Anytime." The heroine replied, winking back, and then saying "You'd better get to safety."

Koichi nodded and darted off.

Kekko then turned towards Gasu, and put her hands on her hips, asking defiantly "Well, is that all you've got?!"

Gasu grunted angrily and turned around, with his back to Kekko Kamen. He then bent over, undid his belt, and pulled his pants
down, exposing his bare buttocks. The nude heroine steadied herself as she blushed nervously. Gasu then screamed maniacally
"ONARA-NARA!!" then, a white beam of light shot out from between his buttocks directly at Kekko Kamen! The nude heroine jumped
out of the way. The beam then blew a three foot hole in the wall behind where she had previously stood! An extremely noxious
stench then followed, filling the air. The students, Kekko Kamen, and even the Principal, went into a coughing fit.

Kekko recovered quickly, however, and saw that Gasu was straining himself, gearing up for another blast! She quickly snatched
up her bow, and another arrow from her quiver, took expert aim and fired, the arrow soared across through the air and landed
right in his anus just as his rectum glowed with another energy blast. However, because of the blockage, his buttock cheeks
inflated to the size of large balloons and then exploded in a shower of blood! With a piercing scream, Gasu fell flat on his
face, unconcious.

Kekko Kamen then turned her intense gaze towards the Principal, he put up his hands in a surrendering motion, asking nervously
"Look, Kekko Kamen-chan, can't we talk about this rationally?"

The Unclothed Crusader did not respond. Instead, with the speed of a marathon runner, and a body usually found in a gentleman's
magazine, she rushed across the stage to him, and whacked him right in the face with her nunchaku, knocking him out cold!

Kekko Kamen then began untying Banji, ignoring him when he eagerly asked "So, do you have any plans after this?"

As the students elatedly cheered her name, Kekko Kamen turned and beamed at the crowd, before giving the "I love you" sign with her hand and leaping up to a window and then jumping out of sight!

The sun was just beginning to set, as Banji, dressed in another uniform, was taking his shoes out of his shoe locker, when
he felt that someone was behind him. He spun around, only to see that it was Koichi, who was also dressed. "Oh, hello. You
startled me." He said in an even voice, with a smirk.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that." Koichi said with a smile, before becoming serious. "Listen, I just wanted to tell you that I'm
sorry about acting so coldly to you, but I didn't know that you were a boy." she concluded, with an apologetic frown.

"Hey, don't sweat it, you weren't supposed to. I didn't even know that you were a girl." Banji answered.

"Well, everyone knows that already." Koichi said with a chuckle.

Silence then filled the locker room, broken only by the sound of the occasional student talking or laughing.

"Um, Banji-kun, I was just wondering before you go back to your old school, if we could hang out together sometime." Koichi
said nervously with a blush.

Banji's eyes narrowed, and his smirk deepend. "Sorry, sweetheart, but I've already got a girl waiting for me back there,
besides, you're not even my type. You're way too masculine!" Banji said in a cocky voice.

Koichi just smiled warmly, walked up to Banji and placed both of her hands on his shoulders. "It's alright, Banji-kun. I
understand." She said in a tender voice...before kneeing Banji as hard as she could in the groin, sending him sprawling to the ground in pain!

Keiko, who had just come back from teaching a class, a towel slung across her shoulders, had been watching the conversation
and it's outcome without being seen. She smiled proudly at her younger sister and thought to herself, [That's how you do it,



"Shoujo Tantei Maboroshi Panty, Sanjo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   10/19/2012, 6:56 am

I don't know your characters. Where do they come from ? Are they in a witchcraft school ?
Your history is very funny and serious too. But all those punishments! hey are awfull ! Fortunately, Kekko always arrives at time to save those poor students.
Thanks for this original story!
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PostSubject: Re: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   10/19/2012, 8:00 am

This is based on two Go Nagai, mangas, Sweetcandy. It's not a witchcraft school, it's an action/comedy manga that mocks the Japanese educational system like a number of his works.


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PostSubject: Re: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   10/19/2012, 8:47 am

Thanks for those informations little Uncle and good night !
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Uncle Sporkums


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PostSubject: Re: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   10/19/2012, 8:52 am

You're welcome!


"Shoujo Tantei Maboroshi Panty, Sanjo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"   

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Kekko Kamen/Oira Sukeban - "Love Drags On"
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