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 Kekko Kamen - "An Unexpected Heroine"

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PostSubject: Kekko Kamen - "An Unexpected Heroine"   4/9/2012, 11:29 am

Mayumi Takahashi's palms were moist with fresh perspiration, she was anticipating the worst as she fidgeted nervously in her
seat. Her history teacher, Mr. Satarou Sugiyama, a pasty, bald individual with a handlebar moustache and a scar across his left eye,
was walking up and down the aisles of desks and chairs, passing the students their graded papers. Mayumi was next in line,
as she began to shudder nervously, her teeth chattering with fear as the paper was tossed on her polished oak desk. Mayumi
cautiously leaned over her paper to examine it, and her fears were very well founded. Most of the answers that she had given
on her test sheet were underlined with a red marker, with the kanji for "Incorrect!" scribbled next to them and on top of the
paper came the two digit number that sealed Mayumi's fate, it was a large "42" in the angry red ink with a red circle drawn
around it.

"B-But Sugiyama-sensei, I-I studied hard! Honestly I did, it must be a mistake!" Mayumi protested as she sunk down on her
knees in front of him with tears welling up in her eyes.

Sugiyama's face showed no compassion whatsoever as he grabbed the back of Mayumi's collar, and began dragging her from the

"Help! Somebody, please help me!" Mayumi pleaded to anyone who would listen, as Sugiyama continued to roughly pull her
from the room.

"Shut your mouth, Takahashi-chan!" The angry teacher growled. "Everyone, back to your studies!" he addressed the class on his
way out.

From her seat near the back, Koichi Omote, dressed in her usual schoolboy uniform, looked at Mayumi's kicking and desperate
form as she was dragged to the hallway, with longing eyes. Wanting to do something about this terrible travesty. But for now,
she would just have to wait it out. Koichi reluctantly pulled her textbook up to her face, and tried to concentrate.

"Please! I'm sorry! I promise I'll pay attention next time!" Mayumi sobbed with distress, as she was pulled across the floor
to the school's dark, dingy basement. Her pleas of regret and angst were not met with a single response from Sugiyama, he
didn't even bother to look back at her as they plunged deeper and deeper into the foul abyss. "I'm begging you, please!
This place smells really bad! Please don't punish me!" Mayumi wailed loudly as warm tears of sorrow poured down her face.
Mayumi tried to dig her fingernails into the cracks of the hard, cold stone ground to impede the teacher's progress down the
murky, unforgiving passageway. But as her nails made contact with the floor, friction snapped the tips off of them. Mayumi
let out a wince and pulled her hand to her chest and began to massage them to relieve the pain, then she placed her hand to
her heart and heard it's rapid, rythmic beating increase. It was a beating of both fear for her situation, and hope. Hope that
her beloved hero, Kekko Kamen, would appear to snatch her from this vile fiend! Mayumi cupped her hands together, and shut
her eyes tight, whispering to herself like a prayer "Please, Kekko-Oneesama, if you can hear me, please rescue me!"

Soon, the two were at the two wooden dungeon-like doors, adorned with two fearsome looking stone skulls. "Alright, let's get
to.. huh?" Sugiyama began, before something caught his eye. It was a plain note on the door, the characters on it read
"Punishment Chamber Temporarily Out of Order Due to Maintenance. - Custodian". Sugiyama was at a loss for words, as he glanced
at the note. A devilish smile came across his face as he said in a slow, menacing voice to Mayumi "Oh well, I guess we'll have
to do this outside." before chuckling devilishly. Mayumi whimpered softly, as tears came to eyes once more.

The sky was cloudless and blue on a very humid afternoon, the dew still sticking to each blade of green grass on the perfectly
mowed back lawn of the academy. Sugiyama pulled Mayumi by the arm to the tetherball court, having to keep violently tugging
her back towards him every time she desperately tried to pull away in a last futile effort to escape. Sugiama leaned next to
Mayumi and whispered into her ear, in a low, sleazy tone "Mayumi-chan, do you know what I used to do before I started teaching

"N-No, what d-did you used to d-do?" Mayumi asked in a shuddering voice that feared the worst.

"I'll tell you. I was a magician." He said with a twisted smile, before leaning foreward again. "And now I want to show you a
little trick. Put your arms by your sides." He said with the creepiest voice imaginable.

Mayumi knew she probably shouldn't do what Sugiyama said, but her curiosity got the better of her, and she did as she was
told, putting her arms straight by her sides. Suddenly, Mr. Sugiyama grabbed the lapels of Mayumi's royal blue sailor fuku, and
pulled them straight down, along with her whole outfit and undergarments in one swift motion with a loud ripping of fabric!
Mayumi stood there in shock, completely unveiled for a second, before her arms instinctively went to her frontal erogenous
zones, as she let out a scream of terror and embarrasment. In a flash, Sugiyama pulled a long, thick looking bundle of rope
from his pants, and grabbed Mayumi, tying her arms and legs together like wild game in a matter of seconds, while giving her
an occasional grab and squeeze. He then tied the end of the rope to the bare steel pole, hoisting Mayumi several feet off the
ground. "Help! Help me!" Mayumi cried.

In his office, The Big Toenail of Satan, the principal of the school, dressed in his blue cloak, white demon mask and jester
hood, stared through binoculars out the window at the athletic field, watching the nude Mayumi being tethered to the pole.

The Vice Principal, a well dressed, elderly, gentleman with a white beard turned to the Principal, asking "Do you think she'll come?"

The Principal turned to his subordinate, the wicked smile frozen on his mask. "Of course she will, nitwit! Whenever we punish a female student, especially Takahashi, that naked nuiscence always seems to appear out of the blue! Now all we can do is wait!"

Sugiyama smiled wickedly at Mayumi and then shouted "All right boys, you can come out now!" then there came a crowd of boys in athletic uniforms, they all had hungry looks in their eyes as they stared at Mayumi's bare form. "Mayumi, I'd like you to meet the boy's tetherball team. She's all yours, boys!" Sugiyama annouced before stepping aside, as the boys rushed towards her.

"P-Please, no!" Mayumi tried to reason, but it was too late, the boys began punching and slapping Mayumi around as she spun around the pole, grabbing and pinching her at certain moments. Mayumi was petrified and screamed very loudly "Kekko-oneesama, where are you?!"

Mayumi's answer immediately came as she heard a voice she knew all too well " ♪ You cannot tell who this is by looking at the face! You can only tell by looking at the body! ♫"

Mayumi's face suddenly lit up with joy and excitement! "My hero! You're here!" She squealed happily, as she tried to get a good look at her rescuer, despite her inverted position.

"What the..?" Sugiyama looked around confused, until he looked up on the pole.

Standing there, perfectly perched, was Kekko Kamen, the long, rabbit-like ears on her dark red mask flowing gently in the breeze, her bare, ample breasts proudly displayed. She lifted her matching red
glove, and placed it on her upper chest, she then belted out another verse of her theme song in a
loud, beautiful, strangely hypnotizing singing voice " ♪ Kekko Kamen-neesan is a friend of justice, a good person! ♫ "

"So, you're Kekko Kamen?" Sugiyama asked inquisitively, scratching the stubble that covered his chin, as the young men who had been beating Mayumi stared with their eyes bulging out of their sockets, and drool pouring out of their mouths by the bucketful.

"That's right!" The nude heroine boldly announced, before taking a mighty leap from the pole to the ground, and landing gracefully on the tip of her left foot. "I am Kekko Kamen! Nude protector of the downtrodden and defenseless! I forget shame for justice! You, Sotaru Sugiyama, have committed an unforgivable offense by turning this innocent young woman over to these perverted monsters!" She said, indicating with her hand the tetherball team. She then, as if out of thin air, produced a pair of
nunchaku and took a lightning-fast swipe at the rope binding Mayumi, it was immediately cut in two!
Mayumi began to fall, but Kekko Kamen immediately caught her in her arms, the two women's
bosoms briefly making contact. The rope around Mayumi suddenly became loose and fell off her exposed body. "Mayumi-chan, you'd better get to safety." The masked warrior told her friend. Mayumi nodded, and sprinted over to a nearby tree, covering herself along the way.

"Hey, nunchaku can't cut through rope! How'd you do that?" Sugiyama asked bewildered.

"Sorry, trade secret. I can't tell you!" Kekko Kamen cheerfully replied, before becoming serious again, adopting a battle stance. "And now, prepare for your defeat, you misogonystic pig!" she snarled.

In his office, the Principal was salivating heavily as he said in a lecherous voice "Oh, yeah! Now things are getting good!" while staring at the naked crusader's sumptuous body through his binoculars, his eyes practically popping through the lenses.

Sugiyama charged at Kekko Kamen at a high rate of speed with a furious yell. But the denuded damsel lept in the air and did an impressive acrobatic flip over him, swinging her nunchaku backward, she struck him forcefully in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground, she did several summersaults over to the tallest uneven bar and leaped all the way on top of it, landing perfectly, her large breasts shaking and shuddering upon her stopping.

As she stood perfectly balanced on the iron bar, Sugiyama came to, he massaged the back of his aching head as he stood up, and looked at the sexy superheroine, in a stalwart stance on the top bar, her hands resting on her large, curvy hips. "That's it, I'm taking you down!" he shouted furiously at her.

"The only one being taken down is you, you pervert!" Kekko Kamen replied, before crouching down and jumping into the air like a rocket taking off! She spread her legs wide in mid air as she descended, broadly revealing her Cleft of Venus beneath her thin layer of hair. "Pubic Hair Jump!" She shouted boldly.

Sugiyama couldn't believe it. He had heard about this amazing woman's finishing move, but never thought he would get to see it first hand! "K-Kekko!" was the only word that escaped his astonished lips, before her crotch smashed into his face, her legs wrapped around his neck, taking him down to the ground, before she stood up. Sugiyama just lay there, still intoxicated by the pungent scent of the heroine's bare loins.

"Alright! I hoped she would do that!" The principal screamed with happiness, as he panted like a dog, his lizard-like tongue hanging out.

Kekko Kamen straightened herself, then addressed the team of boys, "Now, as for you all, don't ever let me catch you tormenting a female student again! Do I make myself clear?"

The young men, the appitite for sex still in thier eyes, simply ran at Kekko Kamen, slobbering all the way. The masked beauty merely sighed and got into a combat stance, she dodged one student and
smacked him on the head with her nunchaku. Two came running at her from opposite directions, but Kekko just jumped away at the last second turning the leap into a backflip. Another ran at her, she knocked him aside with a kick that would have made a Prima Ballerina proud, her breasts and buttocks jiggling as she made the sudden movement. But suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by one of the larger team members, and the rest followed suit, taking her to the ground. "Too many of them! I..I can't break free!" The naked warrior worridly thought to herself as the boys grabbed at her extremities.

"I want to kiss her!" one shouted.

"No! I caught her! I get to kiss her first!" The muscular teammate who had grabbed her

"Well, first, we've got to get this off!" a teen with a buzzcut exclaimed, as he grabbed the edge of her mask, and
began pulling up!

"No! My secret identity! They can't reveal it! Not here, not now!" The nude heroine fretted. "I can't let them do this! Must escape!" Her thoughts then turned to confidence as she managed to wrest her hands free and began pushing the boys aside!

Then suddenly there came another woman's loud voice "Halt, you legion of perverts! I won't let you harm an innocent crusader of love and justice!" The boys looked for the source of the noise, and saw the source of it. It was a large, tall, well-built woman covered in a flowing white and black striped cape, and a golden Sphinx mask covered her face.

The boys were overjoyed. "No way! It's Omenhotep! Awesome!"

Kekko Kamen only knew her all too well, She was originally a jungle woman warrior named Masako Makimura, whom the Principal had hired to defeat her, at one point during their first encounter she had given Kekko a painful karate chop to the groin! Then after she had been defeated she took on another persona, that of another masked woman named Omenhotep, who had nearly defeated her by imitating her own signature move on her! But thanks to Koichi, she was once again defeated.
But know, neither girl understood why she was suddenly coming to Kekko Kamen's rescue!

"What? What's she doing here? The Principal asked in astonishment.

"Relax sir, maybe she's going to lead Kekko Kamen into a trap." The Vice Principal hopefully

"You want me, boys? Come and get me!" Omenhotep announced, throwing her cape off to reveal her very muscular nude body! Yet despite this, her tremendous curves and large breasts remained intact!

"Come on, guys! Let's go for it!" The boys shouted eagerly as they abandoned Kekko Kamen on the ground, and ran towards the other nude masked woman. Omenhotep leaned back and cold cocked one boy in the face, sending a chain reaction that knocked most of the boys down, until there was only one standing.

"Hey there, how about getting a little inside peek?" she sultrily asked him as she fondled and caressed her large bosoms. The boy nodded eagerly, before Omenhotep grabbed him by the back of
his head, and shoved him into her tremendous cleavage! The boy seemed to enjoy it at first, but then began to struggle and struggle until it was quite evident that he had lost conciousness. Omenhotep then plucked him from between her breasts, and laid him on the heap of the other unconcious boys.

Kekko Kamen got to her feet and began dusting off her body. She then looked up at Omenhotep, who was already putting her cape back on, and pointed accusingly at her. "Alright, babe, what's the game? Why did you help me all of a sudden?" she asked angrily.

The muscular woman just smirked. "Hmph. Well, I thought I'd be on the winning team for once! Anyway, you looked like you needed some help." she stated in a matter-of-fact voice.

"I was doing just fine! Anyway, how do I know you're not trying to lead me into some sort of trap?" Kekko Kamen asked suspiciously.

Omenhotep just shrugged her massive, broad shoulders, and said "All right, be that way. But you are going to need my help soon." She then whipped her cape over herself, and vanished.

Kekko Kamen just stared at where Omenhotep had stood, with a cocked eyebrow. She then turned to the direction Mayumi had fled in and called out "All right, Mayumi-chan, it's safe to come out now."

Mayumi came sprinting out from behind the tree and ran up to the nude heroine. Upon reaching her, she threw her arms around her and embraced her, their breasts and nether regions touched, sending a tingle of pleasure up Mayumi's spine. "My hero! My hero! I love you, Kekko-oneesama! You're always there for me!" Mayumi proclaimed to the denuded damsel as she rubbed her cheek on Kekko's protruding breasts.

Kekko Kamen blushed at this, and smiled beneath her mask, lightly returning the embrace. "I love you too, Mayumi-chan. And I'll always be there for you." She then noticed Mayumi's crumpled uniform on the ground. "Hey, Mayumi-chan, you'd better get dressed and get back to class. You wouldn't want to be late." she instructed.

"Oh, Okay!" Mayumi cheerfully said, as she began gathering up her clothes, and began putting them back on.

Kekko Kamen then said "I'll see you soon, Mayumi-chan!" and jumped to the top of a tree, then effortlessly to the roof of the school, then out of sight.

"Bye Bye, Kekko Kamen-oneesama! And thank you!" Mayumi, now dressed again, said as she waved to her hero.

In his office, the Principal scratched his chin. "Hmm, looks like we have to think of another approach." he said to himself. He then turned to the Vice Principal. "Get me my address book." He said sinisterly.

Yuka, dressed in a white linen bathrobe, entered her dorm room with a sigh of deep satisfaction, saying "Ah, that was some workout! That nice hot bath was really refreshing!" The valley of her two
large, pert, young breasts quite evident beneath the robe's sloping neckline.

Her identical twin sister Chigusa was reclining on the bed, studying a math textbook "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." she said half-heartedly, her eyes never moving from her book.

The twins were exact mirror images of each other. They both had long, straight black hair that almost reached to the small of their backs, they both were second year students in the acadamy, so they dressed in the same black sailor fuku with white ribbons around the uniform's neck and black trim on their collars, they both even had the same small red ribbon in their hair. They had to, they were two sisters pretending to be one student named Chigusa Yuka. They took on the role in shifts. One would appear in class one day, while the other would stay in the dorm, and so on. They had to make sure to act exactly the same way when one of them was in public so as not to arouse suspicion.

Yuka was older by two minutes, had a slightly deep and sexy voice and was the braver of the two, yet she was still quite timid and shy. Chigusa was not as slightly bold as her sister was, and had more of a higher pitched voice that was described as being more cute than sexy. However, to complete the illusion that they were one person, Chigusa could mimic her sister's voice perfectly.

"Well, you sure are cheerful today." Yuka chided her sister with a grimace.

"I'm sorry, I'm just afraid that we'll get caught someday, if you continue to act so brazen." Chigusa apologized with a serious look on her face.

"Hey, don't worry about it. No one could ever find out what we're doing. By the way, I heard that Kekko Kamen rescued Mayumi again a little while ago." Yuka replied with a proud smile and a knowing wink.

Mayumi, now dressed in her white exercise shirt , red bloomers and white sneakers walked tenderly onto the athletic field, the black and purple splotches of pain quite evident on her bare arms and legs.

Keiko Natsuwata, the young, beautiful Phys Ed teacher, was standing in front of the rest of the girls from Mayumi's class, waiting for the entire team to assemble.

In many ways, Keiko resembled a female Bruce Lee, tough and masculine, with an extremely well cut figure quite evident under her tight, solid dark blue track suit. She even had hair like Lee's, short and jet black, only her's was accentuated by the sweet feminine flair of a several strands of hair in front of each ear.

She was a powerful woman. An expert at various types of sports, and with many different weapons. It was pretty obvious from the sharp nipple marks poking out of Keiko's extremely tight jogging suit, that she scorned wearing a bra.

Keiko, seeing Mayumi hobbling over to the rest of the formation, took the shining silver
whistle that hung around her neck by a thick black cotton cord, and placed it between her delicate lips, and gave a long shrill blast on it. "PHWEEEEET!" Keiko saw that she now had the class' attention and gave her usual combination of a furrowed brow and hard smile. "Good Afternoon, Everyone!" she loudly proclaimed in a slightly deep, yet still very feminine voice.

"Good Afternoon, Keiko-Sensei!" the entire class responded in one loud unison.

Koichi, who was standing next to Mayumi, noticed that she was looking down at the ground with a sad expression in her eyes, and that she had only half heartedly answered her Coach. Her heart went out to her, as she looked sorrowfully at her classmate.

Keiko once again raised her voice to the mass of eager young students. "Today, we're going to take advantage of this lovely.." Suddenly, Keiko's cheerful visage dropped to one of concern as she walked over to Mayumi. "Takahashi-chan, what happened to you? Where did you get all those
bruises?" She asked in a worried voice as she inspected Mayumi's limbs.

Tears now came to Mayumi's eyes, and she began to sniffle as she looked up at Keiko. "I was punished today, Keiko-sensei. The only reason I escaped is because Kekko Kamen rescued me." Mayumi tearfully explained as she threw her arms around Keiko and began to sob mournfully.

Keiko tenderly stroked the back of Mayumi's sandy brown hair, as she looked up angrily at the large, looming Academy. "Those beasts! Harming an innocent child like this!" She furiously exclaimed, before lowering her voice to a maternal assurance. "Don't worry, Mayumi-chan. You're excused from my class for today. Now you go down to the infirmary and let Nurse Wakatsuki have a look at those bruises."

"Okay. Thank you Keiko-sensei!" Mayumi responded, a warm smile beginning to spread across her face, as she walked off in the direction of the school.

Mayumi made her way down the hallway, occasionally rubbing her aching extremities. Suddenly, from around the corner, Kei Kurenai and her gang came into view! Mayumi's eyes widened in fear as she backed herself against the wall, hoping they wouldn't take notice of her!

Kei Kurenai was a tall, well built and extremely busty third year student who was a notorious gang leader. Kei had a long, unruly head of thick, dark, red hair. She took puffs off of a Seven
Stars brand cigarette through a very long wooden holder, elegantly blowing the cloud of white smoke out of her mouth. She had a wicked twinkle in her almond brown eyes, and held a evil smirk on her full and luscious but dangerous looking lips. She was dressed in a usual sailor fuku with a white blouse and blue skirt, the hem of which, like the rest of her gang, reached all the way down to her ankles, only, instead of being covered by dress shoes like the rest of the girls in the acadamy, they were outfitted with high heeled, black boots. The gang members all had blue collars and red ribbons around their neck and shoulders, except Kei, whose collar and ribbon had both been custom colored jet black. But no student or teacher was going to tell her how to dress, they were too afraid of her.

Mayumi bowed low as a sign of respect as the gang passed her. When suddenly, Kei's eyes cut over to Mayumi! She gave her gang a hand signal, and they stopped dead in their tracks. Kei turned to Mayumi, and the gang made the exact same motion. For several seconds, Kei just stood in front of the terrifed girl, a cold stare fixed on her face. Mayumi shut her eyes tight, and began to sweat profusely, her knees began to feel like rubber. Why is she staring at me? The smell of that cigarette is choking me! Why won't she leave me alone? Mayumi thought, as her breathing became very labored. "Hey!" Kei's voice, a deep and tough, yet slightly sultry tone, cracked like a whip against Mayumi's eardrum!

"Huh?" was all Mayumi managed to squeak out of her throat.

Kei took the holder out of her mouth and let the thick tobacco vapor pour out like a stream of water. She then gave a sinister toothy grin, and asked in a rough manner "Did you pay your air tax today?"

"A-Air tax?" Mayumi asked, her voice shuddering and confused. "Wh-What's that?"

Kei just kept the wicked grin on her face as she explained. "You see, baby, when you breathe the same air as me, you have to pay for it." she softly explained, before demanding "Now, where is it?!"

"I d-don't ha-have it! I d-didn't e-even know ab-bout it! P-please d-don't b-beat m-me up!" Mayumi pleaded,sounding like she was sitting on an ice cube.

Sayuri, a chubby, yet bulky girl with black ponytails grabbed Mayumi by the shoulders and began to shake her violently! "I don't believe you! You'd better do as Kei-sama says!" She ordered loudly.

"Please don't hurt me! I have to go to the infimary!" Mayumi's voice vibrated with the throttling as she explained.

"You're gonna really need to go there when I get through with you!" Sayuri shouted as she raised her palm up to slap Mayumi across the face, when suddenly, Kei's hand shot out and grabbed Sayuri by the wrist!

"What do you think you're doing?" Kei asked grimly, a death stare in her eyes.

"I-I was j-just going to slap her around a little." Sayuri weakly explained, her eyes widened, and all the color drained out of her face.

"Did I tell you to slap her around?" Kei asked sinesterly, the killer look still on her face.

"No." Sayuri said, beginning to shiver. Fear evident on her entire person.

"That's right! You don't do, say, or think anything without my permission! You don't even take a leak unless I say it's okay! Is that perfectly clear?!" Kei shouted at Sayuri, her eyes practically bulging out of their sockets.

"Y-Yes, Kei-sama. Please forgive me." Sayuri apologetically bowed deeply at the waist.

Kei then cut her glance back to Mayumi "What are you staring at? Get lost!" she commanded.

"Y-Yes!" Mayumi quickly said as she obeyed, rushing off to the Nurse's Office. Kei turned and looked back at her.

For a second, it looked like a frown of concern and a soft look in the eyes crossed the hardened girl's face. It was quickly wiped off by her usual grimace as she put the long holder back in her mouth. "Let's go!" She ordered tersly through clenched teeth, grabbing a still bowing Sayuri by her left ponytail, and dragging her along, the rest of her gang followed.

Nurse Kaori Wakatsuki was a young, beautiful woman with light brown hair pulled back in a fluffy ponytail with a pretty pink ribbon. She had a kind caring face which was accentuated by a pair of chic looking eyeglasses. She wore a small black dress which showcased her long, beautiful legs. On top of that, she wore a solid white nurse's jacket.

Kaori carefully examined the bruises on Mayumi's limbs with the eye of a professional, while she did so, Mayumi took a look around. It was a moderately medium white room with cabinets and shelves with various kinds of antibiotics and ointments, it also had an examining table which she now sat on, and several small cots next to it. The place carried the scent of antiseptic, but it brought back pleasant memories. The last time Mayumi was in here, she had needed to have her head bandaged
after being hit with a fly ball from the baseball field. Nurse Wakatsuki always handled her with such gentle care that Mayumi felt very close to her.

"So, all this was because of a "42" grade?" Kaori asked.

"Yes. They would have done more if Kekko Kamen hadn't stepped in." Mayumi explained sadly.

"It's alright, Mayumi-Chan. I understand. I hate these ridiculous punishments as much as you do." Kaori said in an comprehending voice.

Mayumi looked at Kaori with fascination. She's so beautiful, she cares about me, and she hates the punishments too.. could she be..? She thought, before taking a second look at her face. No, it couldn't be her, she's wearing glasses. She thought with a slight smile.

"Do you know what I'd perscribe for bruises like these, Mayumi-Chan?" Kaori suddenly asked.

"No. What?" Mayumi asked confused.

"A nice hot bath." Kaori said cheerfully with a playful grin.

Mayumi nodded vigorously, saying "Yes, Ma'am!" enthusiastically, before rushing out of the infirmary.

The principal's eyes darted around the resume, taking in every aspect of the applicant's work history, before lowering it and looking at the person with an eager glance. "Well, Delmo-san, I must say that I'm impressed with what I see! Do you really think you can defeat those two nude nuisences?"

The young woman was dressed in a tight purple top with an extremely short pink skirt and high brown boots, her slender black hair had two formations that looked like horns, she smiled insidiously as she lifted up a jar full of pink and green circular candies, and saying "Hey, that's why they call me Dangerous Delmo!"

Mayumi sat on a bathing stool, lathering herself, being extra careful not to rub her bruised areas too vigourously. She was humming the girl band Sweet Peach's latest hit "Your Tender Love". Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around. It was Koichi, she was standing there completely nude, showing off her beautiful body, which was covered in sweat. Mayumi guessed it was from excercising. "Koichi-chan!" Mayumi exclaimed.

"Hello, Mayumi-chan, may I please sit next to you?" Koichi softly asked.

"Yes, Of course." Mayumi responded.

Koichi sat down on the stool beside Mayumi, and began to rub the liquid soap all over herself. Mayumi stared at Koichi's rather nice breasts. They were just about as big as Kekko Kamen's. Mayumi secretly wished her breasts were that big, then maybe she could find a boyfriend.

"I was worried about you during phys ed today, and wondered if you were okay." Koichi said, looking concerned at Mayumi.

"Oh, yeah, I'm alright. Just a little bruised, that's all." Mayumi reassured her friend, before saying in a hushed tone "But it still kind of hurts a little."

Both girls then simultaniously washed the soap residue off their bodies. Koichi then turned to Mayumi with a sympathetic look and said "Well, I have something that might make you feel better."

"Oh, what is it?" Mayumi asked with a hint of curiosity.

It happened almost as soon as the words left Mayumi's mouth. Koichi leaned foreward, and kissed Mayumi right on the lips! Mayumi's eyes widened in shock and she began to pull away in protest, but something inside of her actually began to enjoy it, so she closed her eyes, and began to savor the moment. Koichi's mouth muscles began softly sucking on Mayumi's tongue, this gave Mayumi's loins an extra spark of pleasure. The taste of sweet cherries filled Mayumi's mouth as the kiss continued. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Koichi broke away.

Mayumi deeply blushed, and said "K-Koichi-chan" in a fragile voice.

Koichi's face was also pink with embarrasment, she put her hand up to her mouth and cleared her throat, saying timidly "D-Don't take that the wrong way, Mayumi-chan. I was only trying to cheer you up." The blush then began to fade from her cheeks. She then took her friend by the hands and rose saying casually "Come, Mayumi-chan, let's bathe together."

Mayumi thought about it. Mayumi had known Koichi for a while now, back when she was pretending to be a boy, before she was exposed as a girl when it was believed that she was Kekko Kamen. They both were in the same class, they both sat relatively close to one another, they both liked a lot of the same things, they even both had almost the same hair color! But she was just a friend and that was it. Mayumi thought to herself. A very good friend. She stood with her and said "Alright,
Koichi-chan, let's go."

Mayumi gingerly stepped into the steaming hot tub where all the other girls were bathing. Koichi stepped in after her, and the two relaxed and let the water take their cares away.

Then, Koichi turned to Mayumi. "Mayumi-chan, would you like a massage?" She tenderly asked.

Mayumi blushed again. It could have been the hot water, or it could have been her shyness. "Oh, yes. That would be nice." She answered bashfully.

Koichi delicately placed her fingers on the backs of Mayumi's shoulders, and began gently kneading her flesh like dough. Mayumi gently moaned with pleasure, and began letting out small, fragile sighs of relief.

Suddenly there came a sharp snicker from the other side of the tub. The two girls opened their eyes. A bunch of the girls were staring at them and giggling. One girl with heavy bangs commented "Look, the two lovers are massaging each other!"

This filled Mayumi with a deep amount of shame. She immediately rose from the bath and said "That's it, I'm done." in a quick voice. She then walked over to the towels and began to dry herself off.

Koichi stared angrily at the girls on the other side and gruffly asked "Why don't you girls grow up?"
as she also exited the bath, the water streaming down her bare and slender body as she rose from the tub. She ignored the girls pulling down their eyelids and sticking their tongues out at her.

Koichi walked up to Mayumi and began to towel off herself saying "I'm sorry, Mayumi-chan, I didn't mean to embarass you."

Mayumi turned and looked deeply into her friend's eyes and said "It's alright Koichi-chan, I know.."

Mayumi's voice was suddenly cut off by hearing the intercom speaker blare with the Principal's unmistakeable voice. "Attention, this is your principal speaking! Will the entire first year Phys Ed team please report to the soccer field for a special event! You will find your uniforms inside your clothing lockers. That is all!"

The girls were upset that there happened to be an intercom in the room where they were trying to relax, but they couldn't help it. They made their way begrudgingly to their lockers with complaints like "We were just outside!" and "Why do we have to get dirty again, when we just got clean?" But when the girls opened up the lockers, all they found were socks and tennis shoes! "What's the meaning of this?" One girl asked. "Is this all they want us to wear?!" asked another.

Mayumi turned to Koichi with fear in her eyes. "What do we do, Koichi-chan?" She asked worridly.

Koichi just frowned uncertainly and said "I guess we put them on, Mayumi-chan."

Each girl donned her footwear and walked out a side door, going through an empty utility room, until they went through another door, and came out on the wide open soccer field. Suddenly the girls heard the door close and the lock snap in place behind them. They turned around and started banging on it with shouts of protest.

"Alright! They're naked!" a sleazy young voice sounded. The girls turned around in horror.

The first year boys were standing there dressed in their athletic uniforms, looks of lust were in their eyes, and their tongues licked their lips hungrily, staring at the beautiful young bodies with unsavory intent.

The girls huddled close to one another and began to whimper, holding each other and shuddering softly.

The Principal took his seat at a podium and brought a pair of binoculars up to his eyes and took a good look at the girls, slobber beginning to pour down the mouth of his mask.

A side door to the Academy opened, and Keiko was being ushered out by an overtly muscular teacher with a crewcut and a cast iron jaw. "We're paying you 100 Million Yen a month, so get with the program!" he ordered her.

Keiko face was full of anger. "I don't care how much you're paying me! I absolutely refuse to coach something this depraved!" She shouted back at him.

The man just smiled wickedly, saying slyly "Well, I guess we'll have to fire you then, so you won't be able to support your precious little sister there." and pointed to Koichi.

Keiko gritted her teeth in response and made her way towards the girls. Upon reaching them, she said "I'm very sorry, everyone. But don't worry, we'll win this together!" Her voice said, slowly building up confidence until it was a proud shout.

"YES!" The girls happily roared in response.

Delmo made her way onto the field and approached the boys, she was now dressed in a pair of tight fitting shorts which hugged her hips and a white tank top which showed off the delicious fullness of her large bosoms. She smirked and said "Hello, boys, I'm Delmo-sensei, and I'll be your coach for this event."

The boys took in every detail of her curvaceous body, and approved.

"So tell me boys, will you win this one for me?" she asked with a wink.

"Yes, Delmo-sensei!" the boys shouted.

While the rest of the girls were focused on the boys and Delmo, Keiko took Koichi aside and whispered "Kotomi-chan, do you know anything about that woman?" in a suspicious voice.

"No, Onee-chan, this is the first time I've seen her." Koichi said with a shrug of her shoulders.

The Principal in his booth, lifted a bullhorn to his mouth and made the announcement "Hello, everyone! (Everyone meaning only myself.) Welcome to the first annual Boys versus Girls soccer match! What I like to call "Shirts versus Skins!" " He then went into a fit of psychotic laughter as the girls frowned and blushed, while trying to cover themselves. "The winning team will be specially treated to an all expenses paid trip to the Hidioki Inn, a vacation retreat previously only available to the staff." He announced with great granduer. His voice then turned sinister. "The losing team will be punished to within an inch of their lives."

The girls began to shudder at this, but Keiko reassured them "Don't worry girls, we'll win for sure!" Smiles returned to the girls' faces and they nodded in agreement.

The principal produced a stolen pair of frilled and laced white panties from the folds of his cloak and let it drop like a cerimonial handkerchief, announcing with great aplomb "Let the game BEGIN!"

The referee, a thick waisted, hulking man with a major five o' clock shadow and curly black hair blew his whistle and served the ball to the girls team. The girls uneasily walked foreward towards the ball, still trying to conceal their nudity, when the boys rushed towards it and kicked it away. One boy with a wild, unruly mane of hair, shot a massive kick towards the girls' goal. The goalie, a frightened looking girl with a bobbed haircut, shivered as the ball soared towards her. She considered trying to block it, but realized that it would expose her body, so she regretfully stood still, as the ball flew
into the goal net behind her. The boys raised their arms and cheered. The girls' faces looked very downcast with fear, as they knew what penalty awaited them if they lost.

Keiko's face tensed, she cupped her hands to her mouth and shouted "Come on, ladies! You don't want to be punished, do you?"

Mayumi and the rest of the girls looked at each other with conviction and lowered their hands, revealing their exposed bodies. The boys naturally went crazy, starting to whistle and make lewd remarks, but the girls just concentrated as the boys kicked the ball towards them.

Koichi stepped foreward, and fervently tried to block, but as she held her hands up in defense, the boy she was staring down kicked the ball over her head, as it sailed towards the goal, the eager faced young goal keeper tried to jump up to knock it away, it landed in the net once again.

The boys began to chuckle and give each other high-fives. It seemed hopeless

On the sidelines, Keiko watched Delmo smirk superiorly as she wracked her mind for something to turn the tide. Suddenly, an idea came to her, it was risky, heck, it was downright crazy, but she knew she had to do it. With a blush, Keiko reached for the zipper on the front of her jogging suit, and pulled it down. She then peeled off the tight uniform like it was a banana skin, exposing her beautiful buxom body, her blush matching the pink nipples that sat on the middle of her large and luscious breasts. She then grabbed the sides of her powder blue panties, and pulled them down her long limber, yet finely toned, legs. She then put her hand up to her mouth and placed two of her fingers inside, and blew, giving a loud whistle, then calling out seductively "Over here, boys!" while placing one hand on her hip, and the other held high in the air.

The boys looked over in Keiko's direction. Upon seeing her exposed figure, they went into manic overdrive, hearts appearing in their eyes. The girls blushed at the sight and immediately turned away in an embarrased fashion. It was then that Koichi saw that the boys were distracted, a cunning look swept her face as she rushed quickly towards the ball and with a mighty kick, sent it flying right into the boys' goal! The girls jumped up and down, cheering wildly! Their breasts bouncing with every leap. The boys snapped out of their trance, and stared dumbfounded!

"W-What was that?! How could they have scored?!" The Principal furiously shrieked, before calming himself with a deep breath. "Well, they can't possibly do that again." He said in a relieved voice.

The girls all looked at each other and grinned superiorly. Now they had it! They had decided to take Keiko's hint. As the boys geared up to kick the ball once more, the girls immediately went on the offensive. Immediately, as if being silently signaled by each other, they all placed their hands to their breasts and began to shake them at a steady motion, while giving the boys a seductive smile.

The boys were naturally pleased. Their tongues hung out of their mouths, as they began to slobber. Their hands went up with their palms facing out, forming a squeezing motion, they then began advancing towards the girls.

One female student with shoulder length dark brown hair flipped up at the ends, dashed out from the formation and ran to the ball, swiftly kicking it into the goal! The girls again began laughing and cheering, as the boys once again found themselves unable to believe what had just happened!

Delmo grimaced, before she called out to the boys "Come on, boys, win for me!" lifting up her top to reveal her two round, well proportioned bosoms. However, all this did was cause the boys to freeze in place again. As they did, their eyes happily bulging out of their sockets, a girl with long, black hair tied back in a ponytail, scored another goal for the females team! Causing Delmo to begin pulling on her hair.

At his viewing station, the Principal was putting one of his hood points into his mouth and chewing on it.

As the girls once again jumped for joy, Keiko yelled "Don't celebrate too early, ladies! We've got to win this game first!"

"YES!" The girls eagerly answered.

The game continued to be one sided in the girls favor. Every time the boys geared up to make an offensive move, the girls would respond with something as simple as a wink, a shaking of the breasts, or a jiggling of the buttocks, and the boys would be too distracted to notice one of the girls scoring yet another goal.

Finally, with the score being 15-2 in favor of the girls. Pulsating veins of frustration were quite evident on Delmo's forehead. "Looks like it's time to even things out!" Delmo said, unscrewing the lid off her candy jar and popping a green candy into her mouth and swallowing it. Instantly, her body began changing. Her hands turned into large fearsome claws, large, batlike wings sprouted from her back, shredding her tank top! A green, reptilian tail emerged from her backside, and her face morphed into that of a fearsome green dragon!

Delmo flew towards the girls with her claws bared! The girls began to scream and shield themselves, when suddenly, There came the sound of a woman singing! "♪ Moving like the wind! Moving like the wind, she'll show you everything! Who could Kekko Kamen be?! ♫"

Everyone turned up and looked hopefully. Sure enough, Kekko Kamen stood perfectly perched on the very top of a tree in all her nude glory!

"Halt your deviant deeds, you misogynists! The Mighty Kekko Kamen will put an end to this perverted display!" the heroine declared, her index finger pointed high in the air for dramatic effect. In her other hand, she held a 7 foot wooden bow staff that slightly towered above her.

Immediately the girls began to swoon and cheer at the top of their lungs!

"Yay! My hero's going to save the day! Over here, Kekko-oneesama!" Mayumi joyfully called out, waving her hands frantically.

"Foul! Foul! Someone give her a red card!" The Principal called out from his box.

"Shut up!" Kekko countered.

Kekko Kamen lept from the tree, spinning the long peice of wood between her fingers as expertly as one would spin a baton! As she landed, she brought the staff down hard on the head of the referee, who was knocked out instantly! Blood seeping from his wound.

"Try that on for size, chauvanist!" she said derisively. "And now for you, Dragonbreath Delmo!" Kekko Kamen said as she pointed towards the monstrous woman.

The nude beauty charged at the dragon woman and thrust her staff at her, only to have a short burst of flame emit from Delmo's mouth, immediately incinirating it in an instant! Kekko then immediately did several backflips until she was a safe distance away from the mutant.

"Hmm." Kekko thought to herself as she put her hand up to her chin. "How can I possibly defeat this devilish dragon?"

Suddenly, the same mighty, deep voice came out of nowhere "From the sands of Egypt, comes the powerful protector of justice, Omenhotep!"

"Oh, no. Not again." Kekko said, burying her masked face in her hand.

Sure enough, leaping from out of nowhere, came the muscular Omenhotep. Her bulk still evident through her long striped cape.

"Relax, Kekko-chan, and let me take care of this buxom beast!" she proudly exclaimed, before tossing her cloak and performing a stupendous summersault which turned into a flying leap, her large bosoms and buttocks shaking with each movement, only to be whacked away with Delmo's large whip-like tail.

Omenhotep landed next to Kekko Kamen, picked herself up and dusted her bare body off. "Have any similar tricks to play?" Kekko asked, her beautiful almond brown eyes narrowing.

"No need for sarcasm." Omenhotep said coldly.

"Look, we obviously need to work together. To come up with a fighting technique that'll completely stun that witch!" Kekko replied, before the two women's eyes met.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!" They two asked each other elatedly.

Kekko Kamen instantly went into a handstand, placing her face into Omenhotep's crotch. The Sphinx masked muscle woman doing likewise. They grabbed onto each other's legs as Omenhotep lept skyward. The two began to spin in mid air as if they were helicopter rotor blades!

"69 Force Attack!" the denuded duo called out in muffled voices as they spun toward the dumbfounded Delmo!

The dragon had no time to react as the naked whirlwind hit her straight on, the heroine's four feet pounding her face into putty! A weakened Delmo fell to the floor stunned, as the flying female disc spun back into the air, and straight towards the Principal's announcing box!

"NO! YES! NO! YES! NO! YES!" The wide eyed Principal alternated between two emotions as the two naked beauties smashed through the large glass window, and landed on top of him, numbing him with absolute ecstacty. He was so out of touch, that he could only mumble monosyllabically.

Upon getting to her feet, Kekko Kamen activated the microphone and said "Mayumi-chan! Now's your chance! Win it for the girls!" enouragingly over the speakers.

Mayumi nodded, then made her way down the field, kicking the ball along. Every time a boy would jump out to steal it, a girl
would jump in front of him, and flash a sexy pose! The male players would instantly freeze, a smile stuck on their faces.

Finally, Mayumi was at the boys' goal. The goalkeeper tensed up and prepared to block. Mayumi began to sweat with nervousness.

Over on the other side of the field, a semi-concious Delmo noticed this, and tried to reach her claw towards the jar of candies,
which had spilled out on the grass. However, Keiko noticed this, and jumped skyward, shouting "I don't think so, Delmo-san!"
before sticking her right foot straight out, and landing it hard on top of Delmo's head while announcing at the top of her
voice "Divine Justice!" Delmo was knocked out cold!

Mayumi smiled at the scene behind her, then looked foreward at the grim faced goalie ahead of her. She merely struck a hip
shot cheesecake pose with a smile and wink, and the goalie's face immediately turned to one of blissful pleasure. His tongue
hung out of his mouth and he began panting like a dog.

Mayumi saw her chance! She gave the ball the mightiest kick she could. It went sailing with the wind to the static Goalie's
left, right into the net!

The girls went absolutely ballistic! They screamed at the top of their lungs "HOORAY FOR MAYUMI-CHAN! WE'VE WON THE GAME!" in
one loud unison! They jumped up and down as they raced for Mayumi as the boys sank to their knees in dispair, looks of shock
on their faces.

As the girls finally reached Mayumi, they grabbed her and hoisted her over their shoulders, carrying her off the field! "THREE CHEERS FOR MAYUMI-CHAN!" They shouted. "HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY!"

Keiko, uncaring to the fact that she was still nude, Smiled at the girls as they approached her. "Alright, ladies! Let's get
ready for some rest and relaxation!" she said encouragingly.

"YEAH!" the girls cheered.

Back on the field, the referee, who had come to, signaled to several muscular men, and they began to hustle the boys off the
field. "Sorry, boys, but rules are rules." the ref regretfully said to the panic stricken young men.

"I can't believe it. Beaten by a bunch of girls." One boy said silently to himself.

"Bye Bye, boys! Have a nice time in the punishment chamber!" Mayumi called cheerfully with a gingerly wave and a wink.

"Thanks for winning the game for us, Mayumi-chan!" Koichi said with a broad smile.

"Actually, Koichi-chan, we all did it!" Mayumi gracefully stated And besides, I couldn't have done it without Kekko Kamen-
oneesama!" she concluded with a longing sigh, looking up at the announcing box.

Inside, Kekko Kamen and Omenhotep watched as the players left the field, she then turned to her former adversary and said
"Well, it seems I was wrong about you. Sorry for that. Anyway, good work on a job well done!" putting her hand out.

"Water under the bridge." The large heroine said lovingly, shaking the offered hand with her own. She then said "Well, I'm
off for greener pastures!"

"Think we'll ever team up again?" Kekko Kamen asked curiously.

"Who knows?" Omenhotep vaguely answered, before jumping out of the window and disappearing.

The knocks on Yuka's dormroom door were as rapid as a hummingbird's heart beat. Yuka only opened the door a little bit wide
so that her twin sister would not be seen sleeping on her bed.

It was Mayumi, dressed in a white satin nightgown standing in the hall with a smile on her face.

"Oh, hello, Mayumi-chan. I heard you won the soccer match. Congratulations." Yuka said with some reservation in her voice.
"I hope you enjoyed your prize at the inn."

"I did." Mayumi said, her glowing smile lighting up the semi lit hallway. "It was wonderful."

"But what are you doing over here in the middle of the night?" she asked.

"I wanted to thank you." Mayumi said quietly.

"For what?" Yuka asked, confused.

"For everything. I couldn't have done it without you, so I brought you something!" Mayumi asked with muted excitement.

"What would that be? More flowers?" Yuka asked with curiosity.

"No, Yuka-senpai. Just this." Mayumi said softly, as she suddenly leaned foreward and briefly kissed Yuka square on the lips!

As Mayumi's mouth made contact with the girl she admired, she could taste a sharp bite of mint on Yuka's breath, and deduced that she had recently brushed her teeth.

In the instant that it was over, both girls just stood there looking at each other with scarlet blushes adorning their faces.
Mayumi then smiled again, before darting off towards her own room elsewhere in the large building.

Yuka just stood there for a second longer, before closing her door and turning around.

She could just make out Chigusa's silouhette standing in front of her in the darkness of their room.

"O-Oneechan, Do you think she.." Chigusa began.

Yuka just interrupted "No, it couldn't be. It's just a weird coincidence. Come on, let's get some sleep." She said, guiding
her sister by the hand back to the comfort of their bed.



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Kekko Kamen - "An Unexpected Heroine"
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