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 [MANGA] Mao Dante tai Getter Robot G [2011]

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PostSubject: [MANGA] Mao Dante tai Getter Robot G [2011]    3/19/2012, 11:00 am

Title: Mao Dante tai Getter Robot Go (魔王ダンテ対ゲッターロボG)
Other names: Getter Robot G vs. Demon Lord Dante, Mao Dante vs. Getter Robot Go (魔王ダンテ vs ゲッターロボG)
Original run: 2011-08-19 (#2011-10) ~ 2011-12-19 (#2012-02)
Original publication: Champion Red (チャンピオンRED)
Original publisher: Akita Shoten (秋田書店)
Digital version: Yes (uncommon scans)
Volumes: 1
-Champion Red Comics (チャンピオンREDコミックス)-

2012-03-19; Mao Dante tai Getter Robot Go, Champion Red Comics, Akita Shoten, ISBN-10: 4253232116, ISBN-13: 978-4253232111
Ch. 1 Michi naru Senritsu! Shinobiyoru Kyofu no Kage (第1話 未知なる戦慄! 忍び寄る恐怖の影), 37p
Ch. 2 Hajimari no Hi to Shuen no Hi (第2話 始まりの日と終焉の日), 36p
Ch. 3 Dante to Getter, Mach no Tatakai (第3話 ダンテとゲッター、マッハの戦い), 36p
Ch. 4 Futari no Ryo to Mao Dante (第4話 二人のリョウと魔王ダンテ), 36p
Ch. 5 Senko! Tatakai e no Tabidachi (第5話 閃光! 戦いへの旅立ち), 36p

A crossover like Devilman tai Getter Robot. Dante, while fighting Getter Robot G, somehow absorbs Ryoma as his "pilot". Meanwhile, Medusa is awakened and plans to awake the true Mao Dante. There is a lot of fanservice from Michiru and Medusa. At the same time, Michiru controls her own robot and later replaces Ryoma as a Getter pilot.



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PostSubject: Re: [MANGA] Mao Dante tai Getter Robot G [2011]    3/21/2012, 11:43 am

Still no scanlations of this. I think DP scanlations might do it later since they did the prequel.
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[MANGA] Mao Dante tai Getter Robot G [2011]
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