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 FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues

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PostSubject: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   2/19/2012, 4:42 pm

Sorry everyone, I haven't visited this forum in a while (I'm not very active at my usual online hangout spots either these days) and did not watch this thread enough, not even close. (I'll try to come here more regularly when I've put my priorities in order.) The way I've dealt with some of you here, seemingly ignoring them for so long (I actually kept forgetting I posted this thread here), was quite unprofessional and for that I'm sorry.

So, I ended up putting everything that was left on eBay :

Unfortunately, most items are ending tonight in a few hours (09/30/2012), but some are only ending on Friday (10/05/2012).

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PostSubject: Re: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   2/19/2012, 4:46 pm

Unless stated otherwise, these are complete in open box. Most were taken out of their box once or twice and put back in storage. For this list, most of the time, I chose a picture of the figure, by itself, out of its box. So even if you don't see the box on that one picture, it doesn't mean that it's loose. If it is loose, I will say so on the first line. And if you click on this picture, you'll find a gallery with more pictures, including some of the box (if it is included).

I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, the info for each item is displayed like this :

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-01WTF Mazinger Z Toga Party ver. Tamashii Web exclusive < Item name & link to picture gallery with more pics
< Item picture & link to gallery
1488.93$ < Price in Canadian dollars
8.3kg < Weight of the item, including box and accessories if applicable, without shipping box and material
10x140x2.5cm < Dimensions of the item's box (or approximated size of loose item), without shipping box.
Brand new, mint in box. Box has minimal shelf wear, but smells like urine. < Description of the item's condition, as detailed as possible (sometimes too much). (Find what inspired this tasteless joke and win a virtual high-five.)


Aoshima Shin Seiki Gokin Aliens Power Loader

Box has some shelf wear and a long Exacto knife cut on its right side. Made by whoever opened the shipping box at the retail store. It wasn't me, I swear... please don't kill me! The figure is near-mint. The only flaws I noticed are two small paint chips on the Power Loader's legs. Never put on display. Only got it out of its box twice, including for this photo shoot. Note that the empty space in the foam tray is not a missing part. This is were Bishop's torso would be if this was the limited weathered version. Aoshima used the same tray for all versions. This being the regular version, that spot was left empty.

Aoshima Shin Seiki Gokin Anime Export Original Neo Getter 1 Black Color Version

Mint in sealed box. Serial No. 1362 / 1500.

Aoshima Shin Seiki Gokin SG-13 Getter Robo Armageddon Getter 1

Please take note that the little prof Saotome "gashapon" figure that originaly came with this gokin will NOT be included. Box has some shelf wear. There's a tiny needle head size paint wear spot on the chest and some red has rubbed off the rubber cape onto the button on its back. Otherwise, it's in excellent condition. Again, it is missing the Saotome figure.

Aoshima Shin Seiki Gokin Terminator 2 1/6 scale T-800 Endo Skeleton, Silver Repaint ver.

Box has some shelf wear. Figure is mint.

Bandai Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade

Mint in sealed box. The box itself is in great condition, but look at the pics to make your own judgment.

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-06M Getter Robo Metallic Training version

Missing Getter 2's stand (the waist support arm), as well as Michiru's Command Machine (the white ship) and its launch truck. The three metallic Getter Machines and their respective launch trucks are included. The figures have slight speckles and imperfections that are to be expected on such chrome-heavy collectibles, but still look great; all purty and shiny. Box is in OK condition. Not perfect, but could be much worst. Because it's so thin, the plastic tray has a few rips inside some holes where the hands are stored. (Now's your cue to look at the pictures.)

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-12MA Mazinger Angels Venus A

Missing one antenna and has some paint wear on the tips of the forearm "fins" and the "belt buckle" area. It still looks good anyway and at this price would make a great base for a custom figure. Useless babbling : this is MY FIRST SOC EVER! The figure that started my diecast collection. The cause of this addiction. Seriously. I bought it with Mazinger Angel Minerva X, but I opened this one first. Yes, of course, I can autograph it. 8-)

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-28 Blue Gale Xabungle

Mint in sealed box. Box looks great. (Pics, pics, pics.)

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-39 Baikanfu

The box has seen better days. A couple of tiny paint wear spots on the white parts of Baikanfu's legs, near the knees, which end up mostly hidden under the "kneepads" when the robot is assembled. Other than that, it's pretty much mint.

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-48 Big O

The box has some shelf wear and a slight "crunch" near the top of the front side. (As usual, see the pictures.)

Bandai Soul SPEC XS-05 XD-01 Dragonar 1 from "Opening Silhouette"

Light damage to one corner, but the box is in good overall condition. The figure was assembled once, then disassembled and put back in its box. You'll have to excuse me for not providing pics of the assembled Dragonar, because I really didn't feel like putting it together. I examined the pieces and they seemed to be in excellent condition.

Banpresto (Bandai/Unifive) Super Robot Wars Alteisen

Minimal shelf wear on some corners. Overall, the box is still in great condition. The figure is in excellent condition. Never displayed. The lower left door on the shoulder bomb launcher has a tendency to pop open (slightly) whenever you move the arm. You can see it in the pictures. Might be annoying, but it does shut close and will stay close if left alone on display.

CM's Brave Gokin 07x Patlabor Ingram 1&3 (TV Ver.)

Brand new in sealed box. The box has minimal shelf wear. (I probably make it sound worst than it is : look at the pics and see for yourself.)

CM's M.A.S. Patlabor AV-0 Peace Maker

No instructions or documentation of any kind, but judging by the pics I could find online it never had any. There's an empty spot in the tray. All the pics of the figure and its accessories still in their place showed it empty. I scrutinized all the reviews I could find and I just can't find any accessory that it would be missing. Conclusion : there never was anything in there and the figure is complete. The box is slightly curved ("crunched") at the top of the back. The figure has the flaws of a typical MAS Peace Maker. Some fabric pieces have popped out of the joints. The clothe piece on its left leg is still holding strong, but the lower leg keeps popping out (under the clothe piece, see the pics). The figure will stand firmly despite this, but the leg will pop out the moment you lift it up. Generalized problems with this figure, unfortunately. There's also a white dot on the left shoulder where it should be all gray. A paint job flaw. It was like this out of the box. Not that obvious if you haven't scrutinized it for flaws beforehand. It doesn't look bad, but it's there and I'd feel bad pushing it under the rug. The figure actually doesn't look half as horrible as some reviews describe it. It's just that its execution could have been much better. Once you've posed it, it looks nice on display. (Mmm... I'm having second thoughts about selling it, now.)

Fewture EX Gokin Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG Tachikoma, naked version

New in sealed brown box. This brown box has a few bruises, but is in good condition overall. (Obviously, since it's sealed, the picture of the figure above is a stock photo and not the actual one you will receive.) If you ask me to, I can simply stick the shipping label directly on Fewture's brown box if you don't care for it, to save on shipping. Otherwise, it will be put in another shipping box for protection (but that may make shipping a bit more expensive.)

Hasbro Transformers Animated Voyager Class Grimlock

20$ (or 40$ for all 3 Animated Dinobots)
Grimlock will only be sold when the other two Dinobots are gone (or in a bundle along with them, of course). Transformed maybe two or three times and back to its box it went. (Add another transformation for this shoot.) The twisties tore their way through the plastic tray a bit. This is the canadian English/French/Spanish multilingual box.

Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Snarl

14x12x8cm (approx.)
Loose. With weapon and instructions.

Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Swoop

14x7x7cm (approx.)
Loose. With weapon and instructions.

Hasbro Transformers Movie Voyager Class Premium Series Blackout

Complete in box (with the exception of one twist tie). The box has some wear and tear, bur is in relatively good condition. Transformed the toy a few times and put it back in its box, never displayed it, so it's in very good condition. As mentioned earlier, it's missing the twist tie that holds Scorponok in place, so I've left it inside Blackout. (Don't be fooled by the empty spot on the pics, Scorponok is included.) May be missing some other pieces of packaging (plastic bands on the back of the cardboard tray, other twist ties. I'm not sure. Look at the pics and see for yourself. Looking at the pics, I'm not sure if it's missing the instruction sheet's plastic bag or not. It is out of reach as I'm writing those lines, so I can't verify it immediately, but I can check if it's a deal breaker for you.

Hasbro Transformers Movie Voyager Class Premium Series Ironhide

Complete in box (with the exception of one twist tie). The box has some wear and tear, but still looks nice. Transformed the toy a few times and put it back in its box, never displayed it, so it's in very good condition. May be missing some pieces of packaging (plastic bands on the back of the cardboard tray, some twist ties. I'm not sure. Look at the pics and see for yourself.

Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog 10" Metal Sonic

An all plastic figure. It looks good, though. Very good condition.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 003 Devil May Cry 3 Dante

Includes the guitar/axe, sword, two handguns and an extra head. Seems to be missing a stand and a shotgun. If the box ever had a paper band, that's missing too. Not sure if it's missing anything else. Look at the pics : what you see is what you get. The figure (and what's NOT missing) is in very good condition. Except some slight wear and tear on the corners (again, see the pics), the box is in good condition.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 022 Patlabor AV-X0 Type-Zero

Weight : 0.18kg
Size : 19.5x14x9cm (approx.)
Missing the paper band around the box. Small tear in one corner. The figure itself is in excellent condition.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 025 Transformers Megatron

The paper band has some damage, but the box is in good condition. The figure itself is in excellent condition.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 027 Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-02 1997 Movie Ver.

Box is in excellent condition, but missing the paper band. The tray is curved on one side (not really a flaw, some are like that brand new) and some red paint rubbed off on the clear plastic cover, though I couldn't find any paint wear on the figure. Figure seems mint.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 028 Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01 Type F AFC Experiment

Box is in great condition, with small tears on the corners of the top lid. I couldn't find a single pic on the web of this figure in box with a paper band, so it most likely never had one. In any case, if it ever did have one (and it probably didn't), there's no paper band included with this one. Figure seems mint. (I forgot to weight and measure the box. Its dimensions are probably similar to the Movie EVA-02's, only a bit heavier.)

Kaiyodo Revoltech 050 Gurren Lagann

Box is in excellent condition, but missing the paper band. The tray is curved on one side (not really a flaw, some are like that brand new). Figure is mint.

[url=http://]Kaiyodo Revoltech 066 Gurren & Lagann
Complete (including the Assembleborg sample figure), with box in excellent condition. The figure would be mint if it wasn't for Lagann's leg that snapped off. It was supposed to rotate, but the paint probably glued it in place out it broke the second I tried to move it. The other leg moves just fine. Fixing this simple single-axle articulation should be relatively easy, or you could just glue it in place. Your decision. I'm selling it as-is.

Kaiyodo Revoltech 085 Grendizer

A small tear on the back of the paper band. Otherwise, the box looks pretty much mint to me, as does the figure.

Kaiyodo Shinobu Masumara Neon Genesis Evangelion Test Type EVA-01 "The Hard Core Mode"

Loose, but in great condition. Plastic with some diecast parts.

Kaiyodo Super Hero Soft Vinyl Model Collection 9 Getter Robo

The box is not in bad condition, but has seen better days. I bought this model kit partially built ages ago and never got around to complete it. Completely unpainted. The arm blades and "ear antennas" need to glued on. Comes with some resin scraps that were cut off the parts. I kept these in case some tiny parts were still attached to them, but it seems to be just scraps.

Kotobukiya Gurren Lagann Grapearl Darry Custom and Gimmy Custom model kits

25$ for both
Darry Custom needs to be built and Gimmy Custom is already built. Size and weight are for the Gimmy Custom (which can take less space if you don't want its box, though it won't make it significantly lighter). Darry's box should be a bit heavier, since it has not been built, with all its pieces on spruce trees. You get both for that price. Not sold separately.

Kotobukiya HoiHoi-San model kit

Loose and built. Complete (with the exception of the box, obviously) with instruction booklet, accessories and two of the eye plates still in their sealed bag. Stickers not applied and sealed.

Kotobukiya Lost Planet 2 PTX140R Hardballer

Mint in (partly) sealed pack. The seal on the left side popped open while I was manipulating the package, but the figure or anything else has never been remove from the package.

Kotobukiya SRG-S-004 Super Robot Wars OG 1/144 scale Alteisen model kit

Not built, brand new, sealed in box.

Kotobukiya SRG-S-008 Super Robot Wars OG non-scale Cybaster model kit

Completed, but unpainted. Parts were snapped-on only. Absolutely no glue was used. Missing the middle piece of one toe and the joint on the left "wing" has snapped off. Sold for parts, kitbash, cat toy, whatever. Comes with the original box, some spruce trees with spare parts and instructions.

Kotobukiya SRG-S-009 Super Robot Wars OG 1/144 Weissritter model kit

Completed, complete, in excellent condition. The box, if you want it, is in good condition with some shelf wear and one slightly bent lower corner on the cover.

[url=http://]Kotobukiya SRG-S-039 Super Robot Wars OG 1/144 Fairlion Type-G model kit

Max Factory Figma 107 Robocop

Small tear in one corner of the box. Otherwise mint and complete.

Neostorm FS-76 Genesis Robot Taekwon V

Plastic "real coloring" version. Complete. Box and figure in great condition. No idea how much it's worth now. The only one I could find was on sale for $180. 85$ is pretty much what I paid for it with the shipping, so I think I'm not being greedy here considering it's now sold out and seems difficult to find.

Queen Emeraldas wall scroll

74cm X 1m. Never displayed.

Sega Sunday x Magazine Figure Set: Shinichi Mechazawa (Cromartie Highschool)

Excellent condition.

Takara Transformers G1 Encore C-310 Godmaster GodGinrai

Includes the sticker sheets (with the stickers still on them) and the little card, but is missing the instructions. The box has some shelf wear, but looks good. The figure is in excellent condition. I only saw a small paint chip on the back of the right leg and another on the right door of the cab. It was only transformed and assembled twice, including for this photoshoot.

Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream

"Greenscream". There's a small stress mark on one joint on the tailplane. A common problem with this figure. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition and has only been displayed for a short time.

Takara-Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-5 Megatron

The box is in great condition, though the lid just didn't want to stay completely down for the camera, for some reason. The figure is also in great condition. It has a little paint wear on the blue dot (on his "abs"). There are some vertical scratches on the chrome feet, mostly on the insides. On the last picture of the album, I placed the lighting to make those scratches very apparent. With everyday lighting, it looks more like the previous ones. Considering the problem some people had with the chrome on this figure, this one looks quite good. Also, note that it wasn't modified to conform to the US gun toys law (no orange tip).

ThreeA WWRp MK2 Bramble 6-pack

I'm putting this one on eBay. Stay tuned.

Toy Biz Marvel Legends Legendary Riders Hulkbuster Iron Man

Loose, but never put on display and in very good condition. The glider is included.

Yamato SIF EX Excel Saga Ropponmatsu Nishiki

PVC statue / fixed-pose figure. I think this one is the "normal" version. It is NOT the special version with a see-through swimsuit; I'm not really into that underage android with wardrobe malfunction scene... This one's swimwear is very much opaque. Once again, look at the pics.

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PostSubject: Re: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   2/19/2012, 4:46 pm

I'm waiting for the King Gore price my friend, send me a PM when you ready.

First message and first topic of this toys section cheers

ゲッタ マリオ
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PostSubject: Re: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   6/20/2012, 10:19 am

Being the only post here, I suppose a bump it totally useless... buuuut...


What a Face

But seriously, I've updated my list, cleaned it up a bit and filled some blanks. Take a look.
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PostSubject: Re: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   6/20/2012, 4:44 pm

I'll make sure I'll buy from you if you have something I want.

Although I don't collect models. I have an SRC Mazinkaiser SKL though, the only time I went mad and bought one.
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PostSubject: Re: FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues   

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FS: Lots of modern diecast and plastic figures, kits and statues
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